Pizzeria serves pizza in a box made out of pizza

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No one enjoys the aftermath of a takeaway. After enjoying something as gloriously satisfying as a hot pizza, the last thing most of us want to be doing is trying to cram an unwieldy cardboard box into a recycling bag. Apart from anything else, it’s an incredibly undignified way to digest. 

Fortunately for New York pizza fans, one enterprising restaurant has found a way to make the box just as exciting as its contents. Based in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, Vinnie’s Pizzeria has been serving up speciality pies since 1960. While its eclectic menu is legendary, what really sets the restaurant apart is its Trade Marked box pizza - a pie served inside a container made out of more pizza. 

Available for $45, the impressive-looking dish has been a social media favourite for as long as it has been on the menu. As per the description, the meta main course features the restaurant’s signature “pepperoni pie served inside a custom box made out of pizza”, although other toppings are available, should you prefer. 

Why not make our delicious Giant Calzone Pizza:

Speaking to Twisted back in 2019 for a feature on the box’s, Vinnie’s co-owner Sean Berthiaume revealed his methodology, stating:

“A lot of people ask for a box and then they sit down to eat and then immediately throw the box away. It’s wasteful and it kind of fills up our trash. So, I started to think, ‘what if that pizza box was edible?’”

Although the eye-popping design is definitely the most intriguing thing about the Vinnie’s menu, it definitely isn’t the only unorthodox option on offer. Customers can also order a pizza that’s topped with miniature slices of a smaller pizza, piling on the levels of pizza pleasure like some sort of delicious doughy sandwich. 

Food will always be divisive, but one thing we can all get behind is an efficiently delicious takeaway. We can only hope that other cuisines pick up the torch for edible containers.