Beef Birria & Rice Party Bowls Recipe

Twisted’s Beef Birria & Rice Party Bowls recipe is the perfect dish for any party, this NYE special combines pork, beef shine and peppers in a rice bowl.

Done in 3 hours

Serves 8

Tom Jackson

Dish by Tom Jackson

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Throw the perfect party this festive season by treating your friends to Twisted's Beef Birria & Rice Party Bowls.


Soak deseeded chillies in boiling water under a weight (20-30 mins or so)

Magimix roughly chopped red peppers, turkish peppers, onion, garlic, celery, green chillies until finely minced (but not a paste). Heat the 100ml oil in a pan and scoop in the paste. Season well with salt.

Separately salt and brown beef shin pieces all over, 15 minutes or so, then set aside in a bowl. Fry all the pork mince in 2 batches then reserve with the other meat.

Grind spices to a rough powder.

Blend soaked chillies with 200ml passata until smooth. Add remaining passata and blend

When the second batch of pork is done, add ground spices and bloom in the hot fat, adding a little water if necessary if it looks like things might catch and burn. Add chilli paste, chicken stock, cooked vegetable base, sprigs of thyme, rose water. Pop in the oven at 155C for 3 hours.

Drain soaked rice. Melt butter until foaming, add rice and turn slowly to toast. Season with a little salt. Blend herbs with 225g cold water so you have a bright green tonic. Add the beans to the rice then tip in the green tonic. Top up with the chicken stock. Cover and cook on a high heat for 4mins, then low for 7 minutes. Allow to rest (lid on) for 4 minutes, then cock the lid.

Tip your rice into a serving dish and adorn with edible flowers (if using).

To build your bowl, place some tortilla chips in the bottom if the bowl and crack into pieces with your fingers (or a spoon). Top with a little birria, then load with the green rice, more birria (including some nice melting beef shin), sour cream, hot sauce, onion, coriander, cheese and more tortilla chips. Crush the bowl, and have a great night!

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Tom Jackson

Tom Jackson

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