Chicken and Tarragon Steamed Pudding by Alex Szrok

Alex Szrok (of St. John and Hill & Szrok fame) cooks a Steamed Chicken & Tarragon Pudding.

Done in 3 hours

Tom Jackson

Dish by Tom Jackson

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Steamed puddings are as British as endless rain. In this Episode of Sunday service, Alex shows us how to make one, albeit one befitting the flavours of spring. It's got the famous duo chicken and tarragon in it, and sherry, and it's surrounded by a verdant moat of spring vegetables.


Dice the chicken into 3cm chunks, place in a bowl with the sherry, salt, mustard, tarragon and parsley mix well and let marinate while you make the pastry.

In a bowl add the flour, suet, pinch of salt and water, mix quickly until it just comes together, do not over mix. Rest under upturned bowl for a few minutes.

Thoroughly mix the sliced leeks through the chicken, add the plain flour and mix.

Cut 1/3 off your pastry and reserve for the lid. Grease the pudding basin. Roll the larger piece of pastry into a large circle, about 5mm thick, line the basin. Roll the reserved 3rd into a disc for the lid. Fill the lined basin with the chicken and leek mixture, then carefully pour in the stock. Lightly wet the edge of the pastry and top with the lid, securing well.

Cut a disc of parchment and place on top. A pleated foil disc crimped on top of this. Tie string round as a handle and steam for 2 hours 20 mins - water half way up the basin.

Remove large outer lettuce leaves and julienne. Cut gem in half, get the butter foaming in the pan then add bruised garlic, thyme and the gem open face down. Cook until browned. Add the peas, sherry and stock, a splash of Worcestershire sauce then turn the heat up high, once peas hot add splash of milk, taste and serve with your chicken pudding.

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Tom Jackson

Tom Jackson

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