Chicken Katsu Souvlaki

Done in 45 mins

Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.
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Fry your chips until golden and crisp, toss in togarashi and salt and set to one side

Panne your butterflied chicken, first into the flour followed by the eggs and finally the panko. Fry until golden brown and completely cooked through

To make your curry sauce, fry your onion, carrot, garlic and apple until softened. The add your curry powder and toast gently. Add in the flour to create a roux, followed by water. Stir until thickened. Add in your honey, soy sauce and garam masala. Allow to simmer for 10 mins and then blitz until smooth

For your pickled salad, combine salt, brown sugar, black and white sesame, rice vinegar. Followed by the spring onions, cucumber and carrot. Toss to combine

To assemble, toast your wrap, then add a squeeze of mayo, then your chips, chicken, curry sauce, and topped with your salad! Enjoy!

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Seren Jenkins

Seren Jenkins

Seren began her career as a chef nearly 10 years ago, working in restaurants and cafes across London. You can usually find her picking up ingredients from the around the world on her local East London high street or back at home adding to her very full collection of condiments by making her homemade chilli oil. Seren lives for spice, fresh ingredients, and fusion food, and loves bringing these vibes to the Twisted audience.

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