Crispy Mexican Garlic Falafel

Tom Jackson

Dish by Tom Jackson

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Soak the dried chickpeas and beans (together) overnight in plenty of cold water with the 1 tbsp of bicarb and salt. Drain well.

Add half of your dried mixed pulses to a food processor with the spring onion greens, fresh coriander, garlic, salt and spice mix. Blend until smooth.

Add the rest of your pulses, fennel and coriander seed and the 1 tsp bicarb. Pulse until you have a rough texture of a mix that just holds together when crumped firmly with your fist. Set the mix aside.

For the salsa, heat 100ml olive oil in a pan and fry the peanuts until golden. Remove with a slotted spoon. Into the same oil, add the halved cloves of garlic. Fry until lightly golden around the outside. Add the chillies to the same oil and fry briefly (15 seconds), until slightly darker in colour (but not burnt) and puffed up. Set aside to cool, reserving the oil.

Add the cooled, reserved oil, an additional 100ml or so of cold oil and your fried ingredients to a blender and blend until smooth(ish). Season with salt, vinegar, sugar and oregano (if using) to taste. Set aside.

Add the garlic, lemon and salt to the tahini and mix with a whisk until curdled. Add ice water gradually until you have the texture you like. Thick double cream is good.

Shape your falafels however you wish (two spoons is good), then fry (in batches) in oil preheated to 175°C for about 6 mins, until lovely, dark and crispy. Drain briefly, do not cover or place in oven!

Heat your breads and load your breads with crisp falafels, tahini, salsa, pickles and veg. Destroy.

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Tom Jackson

Tom Jackson

Originally hailing from Birmingham, England and with a culinary heritage sprawling around Britain, Tom, the host of Shelf Life and Alphabetti, is a cook from nowhere that takes inspiration from everywhere. Passionate about the shared food experience and the commonalities between supposedly separate cuisines, Tom showcases broad and thorough references in his cooking and has a particular love for spices. He is also obsessed with pasta salads and is currently waiting for Mr. Naga to get in touch regarding his Ambassadorship.

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