HK Style Sweet and Sour Porchetta

That guilty feeling of ordering too many takeaways is real! But, what’s to say you can’t make a good takeaway right at home?! Not only does this dish come with all the smells and flavours of your favourite takeaway spot, it’s also an absolute jaw dropper and will have your guests asking for the recipe every time!

Done in 2hrs

Tom Jackson

Dish by Tom Jackson

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This is the showstopper to end all showstoppers. The crowds favourite, and royalty over all takeaway dishes. This is the Hong Kong Style, Sweet and Sour Porchetta! Taking the best of Chinese cuisine, and mixing in a bit of Italian cooking techniques results in the most gorgeous and mouthwatering pork belly, crispy crackling (of course), and a sticky, bright red sauce. Your takeaway nights just got that little bit fancier!


Get your pork belly, and start scoring the skin. Once scored flip over so the skin is facing down.

Grab all your ingredients for your marinade, and crush them up in a pestle and mortar, or in a food processor until you have a paste. Lather the pork with the marinade.

Start rolling your pork belly, so that the skin is facing up, and you've created a little spiral of meat and marinade. Grab some butchers string and tie your porchtta tight!

Once you've rolled and tied the porchetta, season heavily with salt! And when I say heavily, I really mean heavily. Place in a preheated oven ar 180°c for around 2 hrs.

For the sauce, add all your ingredients to a saucepan, and cook until syrupy and thick! I like to drain out any of the larger aromatics to leave us with a silky sauce.

Once the porchetta has cooked, remove from the oven and place on a draining rack over an oven tray. Heat some neutral oil until just smoking, and slowly ladle the hot oil onto your porchetta. You'll start to hear and see our crackling being formed!!!

All that's left to do is carve, and serve with some lovely steamed rice, more spring onions and black sesame seeds. And don't forget to pour over that sauce!!

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Tom Jackson

Tom Jackson

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