M&M’S Pretzel Flower Bites & Dip

Done in 1 hour

Tara Maini

Dish by Tara Maini

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Top the pretzels with about 1 tsp of melted chocolate

Immediately arrange the M&M’S over the chocolate one in the middle and colours around to make flowers. Let them set in the fridge to harden.

Whip all the cheesecake dip ingredients together except for the M&M’S. Fold them through at the end.

Serve the dip with the chocolate flowers to dip, enjoy!

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Tara Maini

Tara Maini

Tara has always loved cooking, just ask her siblings. who acted as taste testers for all her creations growing up. As an adult, she trained in restaurants before heading to culinary school, where she mastered the basics of French cooking, baking and pastry – her biggest passion today. She might have fine dining training, but Tara still has simple taste...she’d eat chicken nuggets every day if she could. When she’s not experimenting in the kitchen, you can find Tara try to work out, reading cookbooks and finding new hobbies besides food.

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