Lobster and Bisque Grilled Cheese

Luxurious cheeses, buttery lobster, and a rich bisque. Now this is a real grilled cheese!!

Done in 1hr

Serves 2

Tom Jackson

Dish by Tom Jackson

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We're big fans of sandwiches here at Twisted, and the Grilled Cheese reigns ruler of them all. Grilled Cheese's shouldn't be boring – in fact, they should be filled with your wildest dreams. Believe us, this Lobster and Bisque Grilled Cheese will satisfy all your cravings from the moment you take the first bite!


Start by making the bisque: May seem a bit complicated, but I promise this is so simple!!

Take your lobster shells, and fry them off in some olive oil for a few mins in a saucepan. Then, add in your diced veg. Cook off for another 5 mins or so them add your tomato purée. Cook for another 5 mins

Once everything has softened a bit, and bits of fond start to stick to the bottom of the pan, add you white wine to deglaze, and cook for a couple mins. Add your bay leaves, peppercorns and coriander seeds, before adding your stock, and mix well, scraping the bottom.

Leave on a low simmer for a minimum of 30mins.

Seasoning the lobster: Although pre-cooked, we want to add flavour to the lobster, so add your butter, garlic and parsley to a small pan, and add your lobster once the butter starts to bubble. Cook the lobster in the butter for a couple mins and pour everything in a bowl to avoid overcooking.

Now the fun bit! Butter both sides of your bread, and place one slice in your pan. Cover with a layer of your grated cheddar and port salute, followed by the lobster and butter, and a generous handful of parmigiano reggiano. Slap on that final slice of bread, and flip one the bottom has become golden and crispy. Do this until you're grilled cheese is ready to eat!

Take your bisque, and pass it through a fine strainer (or sieve). If a bit thin, reduce in a small saucepan by about half, until glossy and slightly thicker.

Pour your bisque into a cute bowl, cut your grilled cheese in half, and get to dipping!!

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Tom Jackson

Tom Jackson

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