Crispy Cheese Wrapped Hot Dog

Hot dogs are good, but if you add a cheese crisp, some fried onion, ketchup and mustard, they become so much better!

Done in 15 minutes

Serves 1


Dish by Twisted



Crispy cheese hot dog:

1frankfurter, boiled

20g parmesan cheese, grated

handful of crispy onions

handful of chives

ketchup, to taste

American mustard, to taste

A hot dog, rolled up in a crispy cheese crisp, squeezed into a brioche bun, covered with our favourite hot dog toppings, really does make for a surprisingly addictive snack.


This one's super quick! Boil as many frankfurters as you'd like for 5 minutes - one per bun works best!

As our frankfurters are boiling, grab a non-stick pan, at least the width of the frankfurter, and sprinkle on your parmesan. Turn on heat to medium-high, and wait for the cheese to start bubbling and catching colour.

Once our frankfurter is hot, remove from the water, dry slightly, and place it onto the bubbling cheese. Turn the heat off, and leave for 30 seconds, before rolling the frankfurter in the cheese!

Toast the sides of a hot dog bun, squeeze your cheese wrapped hot dog into the bun, and cover with ketchup and mustard, followed by the crispy onions and chives for a pop of colour!

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