Sweet Potato and Charred Corn California Salad

This roasted sweet potato salad with charred corn is pack full California inspired flavours, sweet potato tossed with kale, avocado, fresh coriander and a zingy dressing!

Done in 40 minutes

Tom Jackson

Dish by Tom Jackson

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This Roasted sweet potato salad with smokey charred corn is a great summertime recipe! Full of California flavours and veggies its the perfect side for a picnic or BBQ. The sweet potato is coated in a smoked paprika and cumin marinade and roasted until crisp, while the corn is charred for extra smokey-ness


In a baking tray combine olive oil, mexican oregano, smoked paprika, cumin and salt. Then add your diced sweet potato and coat in the marinade. Bake for 30 mins at 180 degrees until crispy yet soft.

On a BBQ or open flame, charr your corn. Keep turning to allow the corn to cook on all sides. Once cooked through, remove and place onto a chopping board. Sliced the corn off the cob and place into a bowl to cool down.

In a small bowl, make your dressing. Mix olive oil, lime juice, salt, jalapeno tabasco, mirin together.

Prep your avocado, kale and coriander. Once the sweet potatoes are cooked and cooled down slightly, add them to a large bowl along with the avocado, kale, corn, coriander and dress. Toss gently and serve!

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Tom Jackson

Tom Jackson

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