Vegan Tofu ‘Prawn’ Toast

This Vegan Tofu ‘Prawn’ Toast is delicious, taken from one of our favourite classic Chinese takeaway dishes, it’ll be your new fav!

Done in 30 minutes

Tom Jackson

Dish by Tom Jackson



For the sweet chilli and shallot sauce

6red chilli

2 shallot

2 cloves garlic


75mlwhite vinegar

120g sugar

For the tofu toast

70g firm tofu

2spring onions


1 thumbginger

1 tbspsoy sauce

1 tspsesame oil

50 mlaqua faba

4 sliceswhite bread

1, slicedspring onions

50g black and white sesame seeds

This vegan tofu 'prawn toast is coated with black and white sesame seeds and served with a sweet and spicy chilli and shallot sauce. Its the perfect dish to make while hosting friends or creating a your own fakeaway meal at home!


In a blender blitz the chillies, shallots and garlic into a paste. Add the chilli paste to a small pan with water, vinegar and sugar. Cook for about 5-10 mins until thickened. Remove the sauce from the heat and let it cool.

In a blender add your tofu, spring onions, garlic, ginger, soy and sesame and blend until smooth.

Slice the crust off your bread and spread the tofu mixture on each slice, sprinkle with some sliced spring onions and place your pieces of bread together to make a toastie.

Then place your toastie into the aqua faba and then into your sesame seeds, coat the toastie in the sesame seeds.

Place your tofu toast into a pan with sunflower oil and fry until golden brown, remove from pan once cooked and place on to kitchen roll to soak up excess oil.

Slice and serve with your chilli and shallot sauce

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Tom Jackson

Tom Jackson

Originally hailing from Birmingham, England and with a culinary heritage sprawling around Britain, Tom, the host of Shelf Life and Alphabetti, is a cook from nowhere that takes inspiration from everywhere. Passionate about the shared food experience and the commonalities between supposedly separate cuisines, Tom showcases broad and thorough references in his cooking and has a particular love for spices. He is also obsessed with pasta salads and is currently waiting for Mr. Naga to get in touch regarding his Ambassadorship.

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