This subscription service sends you the hottest chilli peppers on the planet every month

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If you’ve ever felt an urgent need to inject some heat into your mid-morning mail, we may have discovered the ultimate delivery. Specifically designed to cater for those who scoff at the suggestion of sour cream and turn their nose up at any sauce bottle that isn’t covered in cartoon flames, the Make 100 Chile Pepper Harvest Box is the ideal way to itch the spicy scratch that no amount of Frank’s Red Hot can reach. Be warned, this is not a box for the faint hearted.

The service provides three separate shipments, delivered throughout the chilli harvest months of September, October and November, each featuring an assortment of some of the rarest and spiciest peppers on the planet. Started on Kickstarter, the Make 100 Chile Pepper Harvest Box subscription allows anyone who pledges towards the overall fundraising goal to up their pepper quantities, allowing customers to purchase “Quarter Shares” for $170, “Half Shares” for $250, and “Full Shares” for $325. For the true pepper addict, there is even the option of an “XXXXX Share” for $475 - described as the company’s “largest and spiciest share”.

Credit: Pixabay/Hans

However, if you don’t happen to have upwards of $150 lying around in a jar helpfully labelled “Chilli Kitty”, all is not lost. Make 100 Chile Pepper Harvest Box also offer a taster of what’s available in a “Harvest Sampler” box - a selection of six specially chosen chillies, along with “A detailed history of each pepper, along with tasting notes, freezing and storage tips, recipes and more.” Examples from previous “Harvest Samplers” have included infamous Carolina Reaper and Ghost chillies. This service will set you back a much more reasonable $60.

The company also add that “Each box (Samplers and monthly harvest shares) include a detailed history and overview of each pepper, including the Scoville Scale, flavor profiles, pairing info, and more. Each shipment includes a personal letter from us with details about the growing season, along with storage instructions for freezing, dehydrating and pickling your peppers so you can enjoy them all year long. You'll also receive tips for saving seeds from your peppers, so you can grow your own at home.”

For anyone interested in expanding their spice knowledge beyond raw peppers, the delivery service isn’t the only thing on offer. Make 100 Chile Pepper Harvest Box founder Robyn Jasko has also built a reputation as a hot sauce maker and author, publishing her book Homesweet Homegrown several years ago. The book can also be purchased through the Kickstarter for $25. Some of the options that Robyn provides may not come cheap, but they certainly sound tempting for any pepper enthusiast.