7 weirdest chocolate bars from around the world

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It's easy to assume that the world's weirdest chocolate bars are similar to those that get left behind at the bottom of a gift box. After all, no one really likes orange and rosewater, do they?

However, it turns out that these flavours are tame compared to what some people are doing to candy.

The weirdest chocolate bars around the world

Despite being incredibly delicious when it's left alone, people still seem determined to do some awful things to chocolate. Some of the results are ridiculous.

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As a warning to everyone, here are seven of the weirdest chocolate bars from around the world.

weirdest chocolate bars on earth The weirdest chocolate bars on earth a way scarier than a regular box - Credit: Pixabay

1. Bean sandwich

There isn’t a country on earth that loves a chocolate bar as much as Japan loves Kit Kats. Over the years, the island nation has come up with several mad flavour combinations, but this idea might just take the biscuit.

Based on a popular Japanese red bean sandwich known as adzuki, this bar is baffling on every level.

2. Potato Vodka

Austrian chocolatiers Zotter have in the past been dubbed the world’s “Most Creative Chocolate Company”, which in itself should provide plenty of warning to potential shoppers.

Of all their “creative” concoctions, this bar filled with a vodka-infused sweet potato ganache might just be the most surprising.

3. Cheese and Onion Crisps

Even though you should never judge a book by it’s cover, it’s hard when the cover looks this horrible. Made by twisted minds at Irish potato chip manufacturer Tayto, this sweet and savoury treat features a milk chocolate bar laced with cheese and onion flavoured chunks.

Despite it’s odd collection of ingredients, the bar has actually proved something of a hit.

4. Cream Cheese

If you thought that stuffing chocolate with cream cheese is a concept that could never possibly make commercial sense, you would, apparently, be wrong.

Popular in Japan and across Southeast Asia, this bar comes courtesy of Ghana - a company who apparently aren’t content with making food that we know tastes nice.

Cream cheese chocolate Cream cheese is a seriously strange chocolate filling (Credit: Pixabay)

5. Bacon

It’s always worth introducing tasty things to one another in the off chance that you discover something awesome. Bacon and chocolate, however, might just be a bridge too far.

Even if it tastes good, there’s something slightly obscene about eating something that’s this indulgent. Hang your head in shame, before you finish the packet.

6. Pizza

If there’s a bar that better epitomises the phrase “less is more”, we’re yet to find it. Pair pizza with almost anything and you’ll end up with something tasty, but stuffing it inside a cube of white chocolate is just wrong on every level.

If you’re looking for a way to ruin two great food groups in one fell swoop, this could be it.

7. Sushi

We mentioned earlier the Japanese propensity towards crazy Kit Kats. Even a world where bean sandwich flavour is a thing, nothing tops the strange chocolate charts like the decision to introduce fish into the equation.

A limited-edition run featuring the flavours of tuna, egg and sea urchin, sushi chocolate is living proof that there is no limit to man’s hubris.

For some people, a Bounty or Peanut M&M might be all the adventure that they can handle from their chocolate. We'd advise these people to steer well clear of this list.

If they freak out over some coconut, imagine what they’ll do when they discover that sushi might be on the menu.

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