ALDI shopper branded a ‘monster’ after putting baked beans and mayonnaise on her pepperoni pizza

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Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

The internet is shunning a woman who may have created the most horrible pizza in history.

In a recent post to the Overheard in ALDI Facebook group, the woman shared her genuinely traumatising dinner, featuring a pepperoni pizza base, baked beans and mayonnaise.

Bon appetit.


Baked beans, mayo and pepperoni pizza disgusts Internet

It’s fair to say that the response to the pizza has not been positive. Comments on the post range from the incredulous to the downright outraged.

One commenter declared that they had “never been this hungover” in order to warrant trying the pie. Another added that it “seems like this post will be used as evidence in a future legal case,” leaving a less than positive impression of the creator.

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A third seemed to support the idea that other controversial pizza topping lovers unite against the beans and mayo combo.

As they put it, “Pineapple and non-pineapple lovers, we should put aside our differences to fight this new monstrosity”. Judging by the response, plenty of people are on board with the idea.

However, it wasn’t all horror from the group membership. Several stated that they themselves actually really enjoy combining mayo with pizza.

On the other hand, it does have to be said that there weren’t many people praising pizza and beans. Some combinations are clearly best left to the imagination.

Bean and Mayo pizza The infamous baked beans, mayo and pepperoni pizza from ALDI (Credit: Sarah Gibson/Facebook)

‘Don’t tell me how to live my life!’

Often when a poster gets panned for their unsual creation, they prefer to shrink into the background. Sometimes, they might just delete the post altogether in order to hide their shame.

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However, in this case, the mayo, bean and pepperoni pizza-maker came out swinging. Commenting under one of the hundreds of negative reactions, the woman wrote:

“Don’t tell me how to live my life. I’m not all up in yours putting limits on the amount of times a day you can comb your hair. I don’t enjoy trying to RESTRICT other people’s happiness.”

It’s often tempting to judge other people’s choices from a distance. In this case, however, given the passion of the defence on display, maybe we should at least give the dish a chance before passing judgement.

Even if it does look like a wildcard entry into a “how to offend Italy” tournament.