This Euro 2020 football stadium is home to one of the best restaurants in the world

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Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

As we all warm up for the Euros, football food is high on the agenda. For the next month, most of us will probably follow a strict diet of pizza, beer and the occasional guilty orange – just to stave off the scurvy.

However, at one Euro 2020 host stadium, classic football fare takes a backseat. Instead, if you’re lucky enough to get a table, you can enjoy some of the finest food anywhere in the world.

It might seem like a slightly incongruous setting, but Geranium in Copenhagen really is one of a kind.

best restaurant stadium Geranium sits inside Parken Stadium in Copenhagen (Credit: Alamy)

Geranium – hidden gem inside Euro 2020 stadium

Located on the 8th floor of Denmark’s national football stadium, Geranium is certainly in an unusual spot.

Inside, full-length windows provide a panoramic view of the neighbouring park. However, it’s the food that really makes the restaurant so remarkable.

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The intricate tasting menu showcases the very best of modern Danish and Scandinavian cooking techniques. A meal can regularly run to 17 courses or more, each providing a tantalising glimpse of what Denmark can offer.

Stand out dishes, according to the Michelin Guide, include grilled lobster and milk with fermented carrot and sea buckthorn juice; hake with caviar and buttermilk; and wood sorrel and woodruff.

It’s no wonder that Geranium has three Michelin stars.

Geranium restaurant Euro Geranium has three Michelin stars (Credit: Alamy/Y. Levy)

How good is Geranium?

It’s not just Michelin that believes Geranium is one of the best restaurants around. The restaurant is also currently considered the number five restaurant in the world by the 50 Best.

The list describes Geranium’s food as “edible art”, adding: “The seemingly unlikely duo of nature and technology are at the heart of chef Rasmus Kofoed’s progressive tasting menu… composed of organic and wild Scandinavian ingredients.

“While a presentation of fragile, near-translucent leaves is made from a Jerusalem artichoke purée, what look to be razor clams are actually dough painted with squid ink.”

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Alongside the food, customers can also sample a formidable wine list. Options range from more basic bottles to a once-in-a-lifetime “Rare & Unique” wine pairing that costs upward of £1,800.

It’s certainly a far cry from warm beer and stale nachos. Still, if you can afford it, Geranium might just be the most stylish way to watch the Euros imaginable.