The Hunger Stage: The wildest things overheard at a festival food stall

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Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

At festivals the music often takes centre stage, but nowadays, the lineup of food is almost as vast. When dancing, camping and getting by on very little sleep, we all reach that pivotal point of ravenous hunger, and once it hits there’s just no shaking it. Packed full of guides and interviews with music talent and food truck vendors, our new franchise, The Hunger Stage, celebrates the sheer joy of food at festivals in all its messy, greasy glory. 

We can all agree there are some characters at music festivals, and if you don’t know what we mean by that then the chances are you *are* that character. 

An opportunity to let go of the stresses of day to day life and basically go a bit feral with all your mates, embarrassing yourself at a music festival is pretty much a given. 

In fact, you might think one of the best things about festivals is that they almost exist in a fantasy realm. However crazy your antics in that field, nobody is gonna know about them, right?… Wrong. 

glastonbury festival mud

Anything goes at a music festival, right? (Credit: Alamy)

You see, the problem is, whilst most people at that festival with you are in on the carnage, there are also many silent observers, watching on: the stewards, the security guards and the people selling you food. They all get to witness the hedonism, delirium and downright bonkers conversations you’ve probably forgotten you were even part of. 

Oh, and if you’re rude (or a bit of an idiot) they’re pithy to that, too. 

So, with that being said, we decided to catch up with food stall owners about the wildest things their crew have seen and overheard whilst at work this summer (sorry, it turns out what happens at music festivals really doesn’t stay there)… 

Anna Mae’s Mac & Cheese – Glastonbury

“Its like all my mouth wants is a duvet.”

Friend 1: “You cant be an octopus, everyone wants to be an octopus” Friend 2: “No, I genuinely am an octopus”.

“Someone should start a stall just selling bones”.

Someone on phone at the acoustic field ordering a Mac: “I’m walking there now babe, I’m by the other stage, be there in 5”. Puts phone down… “I just need some bloody peace”.

Paellaria – El Dorado 

“Can I have a free paella if I do a backflip?” – proceeds to do a backflip…into a wheelie bin.

glastonbury festival food

What you say and do at a food stall doesn’t go un-noticed (Credit: Alamy)

Mexican Seoul – Hampton Court Palace Flower Show

– Steward: “Are you here for the flower show or are you one of the food traders?” Visitor: “Of course I’m not one of the peasants!”

Wingmans Chicken – Secret Garden Party 

“Any chance we can jump the queue? My baby’s on fire.”

“I do not have cash or card. Will you accept love and affection as payment?”

“Do you guys sell ribs?” – after standing in our queue for 20 minutes staring at a 6m banner which says WINGmans.

music festival food

The food vendors see every. regrettable. moment. (Credit: Alamy)

Made Of Dough – El Dorado 

“This is the best Domino’s I’ve ever had” – random guy who walked up, ordered a pizza and thought he was literally at Domino’s. 

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