The best McDonald’s menu items from around the world

09 Jan 2021



Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

McDonald’s menus around the world change a lot the further you get from home.

Whilst we might be used to our regular Big Macs and Happy Meals over here, globally, Maccies has a huge variety of different menu items on offer to suit each individual country’s palate.

This means visiting the golden arches in another country is always a treat. It’s like going to a whole new fast-food joint and experiencing it for the first time.

But what can you expect in McDonald’s joints around the world? Well, we’ve rounded up the most exciting menu items to keep you in the loop.

What are the best McDonald’s menus around the world?

To prove that Maccies is about much more than fries and beef, we’ve gathered together the best McDonald’s menus around the world. Some of the options might seem familiar, some might seem strange, and some absolutely delicious.

We won’t judge if you plan your next holiday around this guide…

Here’s what they eat in McDonald’s around the world (Credit: Alamy)


For a nation famously obsessed with “The Barbie”, it’s slightly surprising to see just how popular McDonald’s signature blend of frozen beef and deep frying has become Down Under. One look at the Australian McDonald’s menu, however, and all becomes clear.

Alongside a bunch of dishes you might expect to find in the UK, you can also sample some more Aussie dishes like the beloved Angus BBQ Bacon Burger.

Including BBQ in the lineup has meant that “Macca’s” is as much of a cornerstone of Australian culture as koalas.

bbq bacon angus

The BBQ Bacon Angus in all its glory (Credit: McDonald’s Australia)


What’s better than an ordinary McDonald’s burger? Obviously, a McDonald’s burger that’s twice the size.

In Thailand, classic dishes like the cheeseburger and Big Mac can be upgraded to contain two and four patties respectively. That’s a lot of beef for your buck.

Plus you can even order a rice dish – their Kaprao chicken comes with a side of the grains rather than a burger bun.

This, alongside the legendary Pork Samurai burger (which has been described by many McDonald’s connoisseurs as the Golden Arch’s greatest creation), makes the McDonald’s Thailand menu a formidable fast-food option.


McDonald’s Thailand’s Samurai Pork burger (Credit: McDonald’s)


Singapore’s street food deserves its reputation as some of the most delicious anywhere on earth. But, if you get inexplicably bored of tasty noodles and grilled meat skewers, Singaporean Maccy D’s offers a more than acceptable alternative.

Dishes like the Hokkaido Salmon burger, made with a crispy panko coated patty, and a chocolate pie make this one of Maccies’ most exciting branches. 

salmon burger mcdonalds singapore

McDonald’s Singapore have a panko crusted salmon burger (Credit: McDonald’s Singapore)


It might be on the other side of the world, but any McDonald’s serving Carbonara Fries is worth watching. This 2018 mashup is just a taste of the maverick genius that goes into the Japanese McDonald’s menu and should provide all the evidence you need to book your next flight.

In case you need any more convincing, the Double Filet-O-Fish and Teriyaki Chicken burgers should seal the deal. Enough said. 

japan mcdonald's carbonara fries

We have no words (Credit: McDonald’s)

The Netherlands

It’s rare for one McDonald’s menu item to propel an entire regional franchise to legendary status, but the Dutch Stroopwafel McFlurry has managed it.

The dish is so popular that fans from around the world have dashed to the nearest Maccies when visiting the Netherlands just to get a taste.

If, however, the Stroopwafel McFlurry is unavailable, fans can also tuck into the notorious McKroket sandwich. Featuring a deep-fried beef ragout patty, the McKrocket is bougie – a must try. 

mcdonald's stroopwaffle mcflurry dutch

This McFlurry has achieved international fame (Credit: McDonald’s)


Vegetarian options have been the downfall of many otherwise great fast-food giants. As anyone who’s ever bitten into an offensively beany veggie dipper knows, the plant-based McDonald’s menu is often neglected. This is where McDonald’s India really comes into its own.

Catering to a country that’s around 40% vegetarian, the chain has come up with a wealth of delicious options, including the famous McSpicy Paneer Burger. Other Maccies around the world could learn a lesson or two. 

mcspicy paneer burger

Introducing the McSpicy Paneer burger (Credit: McDonald’s India)


McDonald’s Italy might have our favourite menu item of all. The chain is selling a literal chunk of Parmesan cheese.

The slab of Parmigiano Reggiano can be found in the ‘snacks’ section of Italy’s McDonald’s menu, and has been dubbed a ‘pocket cheese’ (which might just be our favourite term ever).

The menu doesn’t stop there, either, as the TikTok also gives us a glimpse at another item up for grabs for lucky Italians: McCrunchy Bread with Nutella.

Hold all flights to Italy, we’re jumping on one.

parmesan mcdonald's italy

‘Pocket cheese’ anyone? (Credit: McDonald’s Italy)

Our global opinions on McDonald’s are about much more than objective taste. However, even with personal bias, it’s clear that these chains stack up against the very best.

However strongly you might feel about your local franchise, it’s clear that some Maccies around the world are streets ahead.


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