London’s best takeaway revealed – Twisted’s top 10 favourites

04 Jan 2021



Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

As we all get used to Saturday nights stuck on the sofa, it seems like the ideal time to try and find London’s best takeaway.

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Of course, in a city with over 8 million hungry mouths, there are plenty of options on the table. This means that for every exceptional pizzeria, there are a dozen pretenders waiting to ruin your Saturday night. We don’t want that to happen.

London's best takeaway[[imagecaption|| Finding London’s best takeaway is no easy task! (Credit: Alamy/I-Wei Huang)]]

What is London’s best takeaway?

To help you separate the good from the bad, we’ve dug deep into the city’s delicious underbelly, finding some hidden gems and top-notch takeout specialists. Trust us, the options are so much more exciting than tikka masala and Domino’s. 

Here’s our guide to London’s best takeaway. 

best takeaways London[[imagecaption|| Butchies burgers feature some of the best fried chicken in the city (Credit: Instagram/Butchies)]]

1. Butchies

Few foods can deliver a deep-fried pick-me-up quite like chicken. The golden, crisp, award-winning examples at Butchies are easily some of the best around and, unlike many of their competitors, remain just as delicious after a 20-minute trip tied to the back of a moped.

The whole menu offers mouthwatering possibilities, but we recommend keeping it classic with the inimitable “Original”. Available in both East and Southwest London. 

best takeaways London[[imagecaption|| Yardsale makes some of the best pizza in London (Credit: Instagram/Yardsale)]]

2. Yardsale

While there is a literal mountain of bad pizza out there, there are only a few restaurants that go above and beyond. Yardsale is one that delivers, in every sense.

Blistered, chewy, stone-baked crusts form the base for an array of beautifully balanced toppings, such as “Spicy anchovies, caper berries and black olives” and “Cobble Lane pepperoni, regular pepperoni & spicy Nduja sausage”. Trust us, you’ll never want to eat out again. Stores in both East and Northeast London.

Motu Indian takeaway[[imagecaption|| Motu is one of the most widely respected Indian takeaways (Credit: Instagram/Motu Indian Takeaway)]]

3. Motu Indian

Britain’s obsession with curry has been well documented, but few takeaways live up to the legend quite like Motu. Unlike other alternatives, Motu is a delivery specialist, providing customers with top quality Indian cooking in the comfort of their own homes all across the city.

From customised “Feast Boxes” to a tantalising pick and mix of beloved favourites, Motu is the go-to for an authentic, genuinely delicious taste of India.

Zing Zing takeaway[[imagecaption|| Zing Zing specialises in MSG-free Chinese food (Credit: Instagram/Zing Zing)]]

4. Zing Zing

Proudly “MSG Free”, Zing Zing specialises in “clean, high quality, wok fresh Chinese takeout”. Offering a mix of familiar favourites, the restaurant also provides an extensive “Green” menu for vegan and veggie customers.

With locations in Kentish Town, Highbury, Kensal Rise & Elephant & Castle, Zing Zing is a great alternative to the classic Chinese takeaway. 

Patty & Bun takeaway[[imagecaption|| Patty & Bun travels incredibly well compared to some burgers (Credit: Instagra,/Patty & Bun)]]

5. Patty and Bun

Despite everyone’s best efforts, burgers don’t tend to travel well. This makes the exceptionally engineered sandwiches from Patty and Bun all the more impressive.

Classics like the “Ari Gold” cheeseburger pair perfectly with a selection of OTT sides, including “Beef Brisket Nuggets” and chips with “Chicken Skin Salt”. The fact that they also boast an entire separate plant-based menu is just an added bonus. 

Lahore Kebab House[[imagecaption|| Lahore Kebab House is one of the East End’s most popular restaurants (Credit: Instagram/Lahore Kebab House)]]

6. Lahore Kebab House

In takeaways as in life, new does not mean best. Proving that sometimes you can’t beat experience, one of London’s finest has been an institution since 1972.

Lahore Kebab House on Commercial Road is one of the best places to sample authentic, no-nonsense Pakistani cooking this side of its eponymous city. This restaurant forms a formidable duo with neighbouring Tayyabs. However, for our money, Lahore has the edge due to its awe-inspiring array of traditional treats. 

Chilli Tuk Tuk best takeaways London[[imagecaption|| Chilli Tuk Tuk is consistently ranked as one of the best takeaways in the country (Credit: Instagram/Chilli Tuk Tuk)]]

7. Chilli Tuk Tuk

Dine-in restaurants have a range of awards and accolades that they can point to as a mark of success. While such recognition in the takeout industry is slightly tougher to come by, there are people dedicated to finding the best of the best.

In the opinion of the aptly named “British Takeaway Awards”, London’s best is delivered by Indian experts Chilli Tuk Tuk. Their award-winning menu boasts an eclectic mix of old favourites and exciting new dishes, including “Tuk Tuk Wings” and “Bollywood Masala”. Based in North Finchley.

dumpling shack [[imagecaption|| Dumpling Shack specialises in both dumplings and noodles (Credit: Instagram/Greedy Tourists)]]

8. Dumpling Shack

Like burgers, delivering noodles without letting them disintegrate is a challenge that’s been baffling chefs for years. However, one kitchen that’s definitely cracked the formula is Spitalfield’s Dumpling Shack.

The street stall serves up some of the best regional Chinese cooking in the city, delivering delicious shengjianbao dumplings and unbeatable dan dan noodles. There’s a reason why one of our chefs orders this at least once a week.

Voodoo Rays takeaway[[imagecaption|| Voodoo Rays serves some of the biggest and best pizzas in London (Credit: Instagram/Voodoo Rays)]]

9. Voodoo Rays

When a normal pizza isn’t enough to keep morale up, you can always go super-sized. Serving some of the biggest, and incidentally most delicious, New York-style pies in the entire city, Voodoo Rays dominate the Dalston, Shoreditch and Peckham pizza scenes with mammoth slices from 22-inch disks.

Flavours like “cumberland sausage, stilton, red onion” are available in either 12-inch or 22-inch orders, making this the ideal order for a full-blown pizza party.

Twisted London best takeaways[[imagecaption|| Twisted London is definitely a delicious option if you’re feeling indulgent! (Credit: Instagram/GreedyTourists)]]

10. Twisted London

Feel like something naughty, but not quite sure where to begin? Fortunately, we have our very own delivery service designed to cater for diners who want a little bit of everything!

Combining brilliant burgers, like the buttermilk fried chicken “Hot Swayzee”, with outrageous sides like “Dirty Vegan Fries”, Twisted London really does tick every box. If you ever wanted to enjoy Twisted’s signature style without leaving the house, there’s only one place to go. Available in East London.

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As with anything where food is concerned, London’s best takeaway is a matter of taste. Sometimes, even something that’s been lovingly put together by an elite team of takeaway experts isn’t going to hit the spot quite like your local go-to.

But, if you do feel the need to shake things up, this guide is a great place to start.


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