Hangin With: What do pancake chefs eat when they’re hungover?

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We’ve all grappled with the self-inflicted turmoil that a hangover can bring, and we all have our own culinary rituals to try and pull ourselves out of it.

For some, the only answer is carbs, and plenty of them, too. Others will reach for the NutriBullet and attempt to drown their sorrows in a glass of blended greens, and then there are those who can only manage a Pot Noodle, if anything at all.

Here at Twisted, we couldn’t help but wonder just how predictable everyone’s hungover meal really is. Would it be accurate to assume that all burger chefs crave the finest slab of meat, for instance, or do some nurture a secret McDonald’s habit, or even go against all their daily instincts and opt for a salad?

hangover eating

Everyone has a meal that pulls them out of a hangover (Credit: Alamy)

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In a bid for answers, this franchise speaks to groups of people from around the globe, and seeks discover if they have the same hankerings as their peers, or if hangover cravings really *are* different for everyone.

So far, we’ve quizzed pizza chefs, fusion chefs and Thanksgiving turkey farmers (whose answers might surprise you!) – but can you guess who’s up next?

What do pancake chefs eat when they’re hungover?

Yep, in honour of Shrove Tuesday, it was only right we asked some of the world’s biggest pancake chefs about what they eat with a sore head.

There’s no denying a stack of pancakes could cure any manner of sins, but do they opt for what they know or do they forgo the batter and order a pizza?

Speaking to three different chefs – each of whom make pancakes in their own unique and utterly mouthwatering way – we decided to find out.

Laura Evans, Co-founder of SISU Pancakes, London

what do pancake chefs eat when theyre hungover sisu pancakes

Laura from SISU Pancakes with one of her famous pancake cakes (Credit: SISU Panckes)

What’s your ultimate hangover food and why?

“100 percent anything pancake! My go-to is a big fluffy, wobbly stack of American pancakes with my salted maple butter sauce, sweet blueberry compote and crème fraîche.

“If the hangover in question is particularly bad and I’m needing that extra sugar rush I’ll add some honey drizzle too or extra fruit on the side.

Always go American pancakes for a hangover – the average crêpe and Nutella drizzle will not do the job!

You need that cloud-like centre to help soak up all that you did wrong the night before, leave crêpes for Friday night desserts and TV!”

Talk us through the setup

“Me, my husband and two boys would be making this first thing in the morning in the home kitchen!

That’s the worst part of my adult hangover… I have two children under seven, therefore my hangover setups are always busy, loud and incredibly messy.

Normally I would be cooking with my three-year-old sitting on the worktop adamant to pour the batter into the pan, creating all kinds of chaos!

We’d make a DIY pancake platter/feast set in the middle of the table and everyone would just tuck in!”

What item on your own menu would you advise hungover customers to order?

“It has to be our best seller, ‘Biscoff brownie’ – this slice is the ultimate hangover cure because it ticks all the boxes!

Made with paper-thin lacy vanilla crepes layered between our super light Biscoff SISU cream, this gives you the sweetness you need to feel that comfort whilst curled up on the sofa.

“Then you have our signature SISU Gooey Brownie base which will top off that need for something super sweet to cure that sore head once and for all, this slice is so addictive you will want to keep going back for more every time!”

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Viktor Dietvors, Chef at Moak Pancakes, Amsterdam

what do pancake chefs eat when theyre hungover moak pancakes

Viktor is a chef at Amsterdam’s Moak Pancakes (Credit: Moak Pancakes)

What’s your ultimate hangover food and why?

“Anything fat. I’m too hungover to make anything myself so I often order a pizza with lots of cheese from the local pizzeria via a home delivery app.”

Talk us through the setup

“Lounging on the couch with a big glass of water by the side, watching a Marvel movie or series, while enjoying my food.”

What item on your own menu would you advise hungover customers to order?

“The Infamous – our collab pancake with fashion brand Daily Paper. Order this because the chocolate sauce and the peanut butter will fill you up, and you’ll be good for the rest of the day.

Take a watermelon or pineapple juice on the side, to get the hydration going.”

Nina Siciliano, Director of C A Japanese Pancakes, London

what do pancake chefs eat when theyre hungover c a japanese pancakes

Nina heads up C A Japanese Pancakes (Credit: C A Japanese Pancakes)

What’s your ultimate hangover food and why?

“Honestly, I work very hard in my cafe six days a week and I don’t have that much time to drink alcohol, but sometimes I do with my husband and the only thing I want afterwards, when hungover, is chocolate doughnuts.

I can eat three or four of them in the morning when I wake up with my ever-present cup of coffee.”

Talk us through the setup

“I’ll most likely be sat on my sofa with my iPhone, scrolling posts and eating donuts non-stop.

Luckily my hangovers are rare so I don’t mess-up my diet!”

What item on your own menu would you advise hungover customers to order?

“We are a brunch and breakfast spot so we have a lot of people visit with us whilst hungover. Sometimes I see them eat two or three portions of soufflé pancakes in 15 minutes, so I understand what a night it was for them!

What do I suggest from my menu? As a big Nutella fan, I suggest our very popular ‘We Love Choco’ Japanese pancakes made with Nutella, hazelnut cream, strawberries and bananas, or our savoury soufflé pancakes with 24K gold, truffle and eggs.

This is if you want to go for the savoury one, it’s [indulgent and] perfect for a hungover recovery.”