Lewis Capaldi on ordering three takeaways in a day and the food that makes his rider

19 Apr 2021



Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

Lewis Capaldi has had a rollercoaster couple of years.

Even before coronavirus caused the entertainment industry to collapse, the 24-year-old Someone You Loved singer had catapulted himself from relative obscurity to superstardom. Small wonder he still seems to be taking things in his stride.

However, even if you’re a chart-topping artist, we all need our home comforts. All the number-one songs in the world can’t make up for our favourite food when we’re feeling miserable.

For our exclusive Hangin’ With series, we speak to Capaldi about unwinding after a gig, his love for takeaways and, most importantly, what he eats when he’s struggling with a hangover. Typically for the enigmatic Scotsman, the conversation is extremely entertaining.

Lewis Capaldi Lewis Capaldi discusses hangovers with the Twisted team (Credit: Alamy/Mikal Ludlow)

Hangin’ With Lewis Capaldi

Like any rockstar worth their salt, Capaldi seems to relish the consequence of a big night out. As he explains to us with a wry smile:

“This is depressing when I say it out loud, but I don’t think I’m ever happier than when I’m debilitatingly hungover.”

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This may be because Capaldi has a well-practised technique for dealing with the hangover blues. Outlining his ideal hangover experience, the “Someone You Loved” singer reveals that his perfect morning-after meal is a mixture of pizza and mac and cheese adding, “takeaway food is just better than normal food”.

He elaborates: “Whoever says ‘money can’t buy you happiness’ has never ordered three takeaways in the same day. It’s f***ing glorious! Breakfast, lunch and dinner – it’s f***ing amazing!

“I’ll just sit, order (my pizza), wait, door goes, I answer it, lean out – because, if you think I’m putting pants and a shirt on you’re wrong – and I say, ‘hello, sir, how can I help you today?’ and he says, ‘I’ve got your pizza here, Lewis,’ and I’ll say, ‘F***ing give me it.'”

Watch the full and exclusive interview with Lewis Capaldi here:

“And then I f*** off upstairs. I close the door, lights go off. I can’t stress enough, I’m in my pants. And then I always sit with my laptop resting on my chest. It’s like being in the cinema.”

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To help the conversation flow, we’ve prepared an extra special accompaniment to Capaldi’s specifications – a tomato and vegetable pizza, made with a mac and cheese base. If any dish is going to get you in the hangover spirit, this one will.

Not that any pizza will do the job. As Capaldi goes on to explain:

“I don’t really like pizza that’s too soupy. It has to be extremely greasy.”

Lewis Capaldi Hangover Lewis Capaldi loved our mac and cheese pizza (Credit: Alamy/SOPA Images Ltd)

What food makes Lewis Capaldi’s rider?

It turns out that pizza and mac and cheese aren’t Lewis Capaldi’s only food priority. When it comes to the snacks that make it onto his rider, the Scotsman is equally discerning.

It turns out he has a particular preference for salted popcorn, revealing to us:

“I really love salted popcorn. Sweet can take a f*** to itself. I don’t like caramel – If you mix them together I think that’s f***ing blasphemous.

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“I mean, everyone has different preferences,” Capaldi hastily adds, before continuing, “But, it’s my name on the f***ing poster, we’re getting salted popcorn. F*** off.”

Even though Lewis Capaldi is easily one of the most jovial stars we’ve ever spoken to, there will clearly be consequences if anyone is foolish enough to bring him the wrong sort of snack. You have been warned.


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