Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

The Hunger Stage meets… Caity Baser


Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

Article by Joanna Sarah-Freedman

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The Hunger Stage is back, and this year it’s bigger than ever.

We’re popping up at festivals up and down the UK, playing games, and even sneaking backstage to chat with some of your favourite artists about all things festival food.

Yup, we’re firm believers that the food at music festivals doesn’t get nearly as much love as it deserves, and we’re on a great big mission to change that.

Throughout the summer, we’ve chatted to rapper Crystal Millz at Parklife and Murder On The Dancefloor hitmaker, Sophie Ellis-Bextor ahead of her Camp Bestival gig. Plus, we grabbed singer Zac Abel before his UK tour and caught up with boyband Scouting For Girls at Standon Calling. 

But whilst at Standon Calling we had to make some time to speak to the hottest pop girly of the moment, too.

We are, of course, talking about Caity Baser.

caity baser

Caity Baser is next to chat to Twisted (Credit: Getty)

The Hunger Stage meets… Caity Baser

Twisted: What food would you pick to headline the Hunger Stage and why? 

Caity: “Steak pie. I went to Glastonbury and I had steak pie, and oh my god, it was amazing.

“You know when it’s getting to that point when it’s getting a bit late and you’re thinking ‘I should really go home’? Well, I sat on the floor in the middle of everyone walking past me, ate this huge pie and it just really just helped me out!

“And gravy. Always gravy. Lots of gravy.”

T: What festival food are you avoiding?

C: “Coriander. Not just at festivals but in all walks of life!

“I eat everything but the only thing I DO NOT mess with is the devil’s leaf.”

T: At Twisted we’re all about fusion, if you could combine two festival foods together to create a mashup dish, what would that be?

C: “Steak pie and Katsu curry.

“You could make a steak pie with Katsu curry sauce, and loads of gravy. I literally drink gravy for fun, I love it so much!”

caity baser

Caity Baser chatted to Twisted about festival food (Credit: Getty_

T: If you were a festival food item, what would you be?

C: “Hmmm, what would I be? Can I be salami? I love salami!

“You know Peperami is like a naughty sausage? That’s me! That’s the metaphor.”

T: What food and drink is on your rider throughout festival season?

C: “Chilli Heatwave Doritos, Capri-Suns, seaweed crisps, grapes, raspberries, salsa.

“Then I also have a bit of voddy!”

T: Now on to music, who is the best person you’ve ever seen perform at a festival?

C: “Fred Again at Glasto. I cried the whole way through it! I’m actually welling up right now thinking about it! Like, I got goosebumps as well.

“I just love music and I love vibes, and everyone that was there was just on the same vibe. It was beautiful sunshine. He’s a f*cking legend. He’s so good.

“Like, I saw loads of people at Glastonbury. I even saw Elton John, who is one of my favourite in the world, but Fred Again, in my personal humble opinion, was better!

“Eeek. I love you Elton John and you’re still the best. Slay.”

T: If you had to camp with one music legend at a festival who would it be?

C: “If they can be dead, Freddie Mercury.

“He’d be like me, just an idiot, but with a bit more class, I reckon. He’s a legend. We’d have fun together, I love him so much.”

T: Do you have any pre-show rituals?

C: “Yep, just drink hot water, honey and lemon.

“Oh, and every time before I go on stage, I look in the mirror and I go ‘Caity Baser, you’re gonna be the biggest pop star the world has ever f*cking seen.’

“Every time, and then off I pop out on stage! Confidence is key. If you didn’t believe it, no one else will.”

T: Has anyone thrown anything crazy at you whilst you were on stage (bonus point if it’s a food item…)?

C: “I’ve never had anything thrown at me. I mean I’ve had the pride flag, which I loved obviously.

“But if you’re [reading this] throw sh*t at me, please… Maybe not food!”

T: What is the song that you’re most looking forward to playing at a festival this year and why?

C: “I love them all so much! I love X and Y.

“X and Y is just so fun for me to perform. I used to hate singing it because I got bored of it, but now I love it again.

“The energy from the crowd…it’s everything.”

Keep an eye out on Twisted’s socials for a recipe inspired by Caity’s festival food choices VERY soon, and check out her new EP,  ‘Thanks For Nothing, See You Never,’ available to stream and buy now.

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