Is gin good for you? 9 surprising health benefits

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Gin might be more good for you than many may realise thanks to some surprising health benefits.

Obviously, given the known risks associated with alcohol, gin isn’t the drinkable equivalent of a goji berry. However, it turns out that there can be some unexpected advantages to having the odd tipple.

Is gin good for you Gin has some surprising health benefits (Credit: Alamy/Ammentorp Photography)

Is gin good for you?

Gin can actually have some positive health impacts, despite its slightly sinister moniker of Mothers’ Ruin.

While this doesn’t mean we should be downing a bottle of Gordon’s every night after dinner, it’s fair to say that gin isn’t the health disaster some people might assume.

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Like anything with the potential to make you throw up, it’s important to enjoy your gin in moderation. That said, here are a few of gin’s more surprising health benefits.

1. Drinking gin can make hayfever more bearable

Hayfever gin Gin may be a better alternative for hayfever sufferers (Credit: Alamy/Panther Media GmbH)

While drinking gin won’t completely cure your hayfever, there is evidence that it might make summer more bearable.

According to Asthma UK, evidence suggests that elevated histamine levels in fermented drinks like beer and cider can exacerbate hayfever symptoms.

Theoretically, therefore, switching to a clear spirit like gin could make things more bearable.

2. Gin is low in calories

Gin health benefits Gin is a low-calorie drink (Credit: Alamy/Kay Roxby)

One definite point in the plus column is that, as a clear spirit, gin is incredibly calorie-friendly. Typically, gin weighs in at around 95 calories per glass.

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This is significantly less than wine (around 160) or beer (210). If you’re calorie counting in the summer sun, gin may well be your best option.

3. Gin is low in sugar

Sugar in gin Gin also contains very little sugar (Credit: Alamy/Valentyn Volkov)

Many alcoholic drinks are packed with more sugar than the average bag of Haribo.

Gin, however, does not fall into this category.

As with all spirits, the intensive distillation process means that gin itself doesn’t contain any sugars.

It’s with the mixers that you’ll have to watch your step.

4. Gin ‘shouldn’t push blood sugar valves’

Gin diabetes Gin is a very good option for diabetics (Credit: Alamy/BSIP SA)

Gin’s low sugar content also means that it’s a good option for diabetic drinkers.

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According to, “Spirits on their own, such as… gin, have no significant carbs in and therefore shouldn’t push blood sugar values up.”

This is a big plus point for anyone living with diabetes.

5. Gin has ingredients that soothe sore throats

Gin coughing Essential oils in juniper can help ease a cough (Credit: Alamy/Prostock-studio)

Juniper, the main ingredient in gin, has a number of surprising health benefits.

One big plus is its essential oils content, which makes it perfect for soothing sore throats.

However, it’s important to avoid putting your gin in the fridge or freezer, as this can cause the oils to separate.

6. Gin has ingredients that are high in antioxidants

Wrinkles gin Gin does have some anti-ageing properties (Credit: Alamy/Mikhail Reshetnikov)

In addition to essential oils, juniper is also high in antioxidants.

These almost mythical chemicals can protect you from everything from heart disease to cancer, according to the Mayo Clinic.

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While distilled gin is definitely not as antioxidant-rich as a plain juniper berry, it is infinitely more delicious.

7. Anti-bloating properties

Gin bloating Gin is a natural diuretic (Credit: Alamy/Siam Pukkato)

One side-effect of drinking gin may not be that much of a plus point on a night out.

As well as their antioxidant and essential oil qualities, juniper berries are a potent diuretic.

Even though maintaining regular bathroom visits is good for bloating, it doesn’t necessarily help when you’re out and about.

Still, sometimes the bloat is just too much to bear.

8. Joint pain

Joint Pain gin Juniper is an ancient treatment for joint pain (Credit: Alamy/Sasin Paraska)

Historically, juniper berries have been a cure for all sorts of ills.

These include conditions such as rheumatism and arthritis.

In fact, many people today still claim that gin-soaked raisins can cure arthritic aches.

Even if there’s no truth to the rumour, it could still make for a delicious snack.

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It’s important to note that no alcohol is a cure-all for complex medical conditions. In fact, for many people, drinking anything at all may be a bad idea.

However, it’s good to know that enjoying your booze isn’t always a bad idea. In some cases, there may actually be some plus points. We’ll take the wins where we can get them.