Best hangover food revealed – here’s what to eat the next day after drinking

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Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

Hangover food is a necessity the day after drinking.

Even assuming you do feel like eating, it’s a fine line between salvation and spending the rest of your day dying in bed. 

Fortunately for anyone who occasionally overindulges, there are some surprisingly delicious solutions available.

Here’s everything you need to know about what is the best hangover food.

Best hangover food Sometimes the best hangover food can be a real life-saver (Credit: Alamy/ZoonarGmbH)

What is the best hangover food?

To celebrate the launch of Twisted: A Cookbook, we’ve distilled the world’s best hangover food into one handy guide.

We know travelling might be a bit tricky at the moment.

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However, with this list, you can guarantee that waking up on your next holiday will be much more enjoyable than it might have been. 

Here’s the Twisted guide to the best hangover cures food has to offer…

Iskembe Corbasi Iskembe Corbasi has exactly the right combination of ingredients to blast away a hangover (Credit: Alamy/Zoonar GmbH)

Turkey – Iskembe Corbasi

Compared to the other options on the hangover table, tripe soup might not sound particularly tempting.

However, this protein-heavy broth, fortified with crushed garlic, vinegar and hot peppers, is so good at getting rid of hangovers that it has now become the go-to across Eastern Europe.

An iconic part of Istanbul’s late-night dining scene, iskembe corbasi is proof that you shouldn’t judge a cure by its cover.

Tiger's Milk hangover Tiger’s milk (Leche de tigre) is a popular appetiser in Peru (Credit: Alamy/K.D. Leperi)

Peru – Tiger’s Milk

On the subject of deceptive dishes, Peru’s answer to a hangover is much less dangerous than its name implies. Instead of requiring intrepid milkmaids to actually tackle a tiger, la leche de tigre is, in fact, the name given to the milky, sour marinade used to “cook” the country’s most famous food – ceviche.

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Tiger’s milk is a fiercely citrussy medicinal pick-me-up that you can physically feel doing you good. Despite its intimidating name, this is one shot you’ll want to drink in the morning. 

Poutine best hangover cure Poutine is one if the all-time best hangover cures (Credit: Alamy/Felix Choo)

Canada – Poutine

Sometimes, if the situation warrants it, your only option for getting rid of a hangover is to go for an all-out food assault. This is where poutine comes in.

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The classic Canadian comfort food is as straightforward as it is delicious, combining squeaky cheese curds with French fries and gravy.

It might not be the most balanced meal in the world, but who needs balance after nine pints?

Loco Moco rice Loco Moco is the perfect balance between eggs, meat and carbs (Credit: Alamy/Leigh Anne Meeks)

Hawaii – Loco Moco

Among other things, a hangover is an ideal excuse to mash as many tasty things together as possible. Few dishes embody this foggy-eyed creativity quite like Hawaii’s loco moco – a rice dish with a difference.

Combining sticky grains with gravy, a fried egg and a grilled hamburger patty, loco moco can be eaten all over the archipelago. As if a tropical island wasn’t already the ultimate hangover cure! 

Menudo best hangover food Menudo is fortified with onions and tripe (Credit: Alamy/Yarvin Market Journeys)

Mexico – Menudo

As it turns out, Istanbul isn’t the only place where a cow’s stomach is the ultimate hair of the dog.

Menudo soup occupies a storied space in Mexican culture, being an essential ingredient in everything from wedding receptions to hangover breakfasts.

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Traditionally prepared by a big group of communal cooks, the blood-red broth is flavoured with lime, onions, chilli peppers and oregano. Whether it gets rid of a hangover or not, menudo certainly packs a punch.  

Cooked breakfast hangover The British Isles’ iconic cooked breakfast might be the quintessential hangover dish (Credit: Alamy/Leithan Partnership)

Britain and Ireland – Cooked Breakfast

The cooked breakfast is a constant across the British Isles. Depending on where you’re dining, however, your options may vary quite dramatically.

In Ireland, for instance, bacon and sausages might be accompanied by a potato hash. Scotland, on the other hand, boasts angular Lorne sausages and meal-based white pudding.

Ultimately, however, the individual ingredients are all just subtle tweaks on the staple greasy formula. Wherever you’re eating it, a cooked breakfast is always awesome. 

Kongnamul-gukbap South Korean bean sprout soup is at once hearty and delicious (Credit: Alamy/Woohyeok Choi)

South Korea – Kongnamul Gukbap

Delicate, nutritious and hearty all at once, South Korea’s answer to bacon and eggs is proof that oil isn’t always the answer.

A soup made from a rice and bean sprout base, kongnamul gukbap has long been touted as a soothing solution to alcohol.

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Served with everything from egg yolks to chopped squid, kongnamul gukbap shows that comfort food doesn’t have to put you into a coma.

Congee Congee comes in a variety of different flavours (Credit: Alamy/White Jack)

China – Congee

For a simple, effective solution to a miserable morning, it’s hard to beat a steaming bowl of hot porridge. The ingredients might change, but the basic formula of gloriously glutinous slop and a spoon is like an edible Old Faithful.

China’s version, known as congee, is actually eaten across Asia and can be variously flavoured with meat or fish. Whatever has been added, however, you can guarantee it will do you good. 

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As this guide shows, there are many ways to try and get rid of a hangover. Sometimes you might even feel brave enough to try and take treatment into your own hands. In this case, the “Hangover Breakfast” section in Twisted: A Cookbook will certainly be of interest.

But, if you’re on your travels with no access to a kitchen and in dire need of assistance, you can’t go far wrong with this group of certifiably tasty solutions.

Twisted: A Cookbook has an entire section dedicated to food for getting rid of a hangover. Pre-order here and prepare yourself for the most enjoyable hangover you’ve ever had!