Krispy Kreme explains why UK customers are excluded from its free doughnut offer

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Krispy Kreme has explained why British fans won’t be receiving free doughnuts if they have a COVID vaccination.

This week, the doughnut merchants made headlines all around the world with the exciting new promotion, offering free sweet treats for a year to anyone who’s had their jab.

However, much to the annoyance of many fans, the company has now confirmed that only American customers who have received a COVID jab will be able to claim free doughnuts.

The rest of us will have to be content with not catching a potentially deadly disease.

Krispy Kreme COVID The new Krispy Kreme COVID promotion is causing some controversy (Credit: Alamy/Stockimo)

Krispy Kreme talks to Twisted

Talking exclusive to Twisted, the company revealed that the promotion is only available in America as when it comes to UK customers, the brand is focus on thanking frontline heroes only.

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A spokesperson said:

“For all our fans and customers in the UK and Ireland, we wanted to clarify that the free Original Glazed doughnut offer for people who have received their COVID-19 vaccine, is only available in the US.

“We are focused on thanking our frontline heroes right now, who have been working tirelessly every day throughout the pandemic. We are really looking forward to celebrating with all our awesome UK and Ireland fans when restrictions here in the UK ease.”

On the surface, this explanation may not satisfy hungry British doughnut lovers.

However, given the difference between US and UK COVID laws, it does make sense that Krispy Kreme doesn’t want to encourage an in-store stampede for free pastry.

For the time being, it looks like we’ll have to be patient before we can treat ourselves.

Krispy Kreme COVID The company has confirmed that only US customers can use the promotion (Credit: Krispy Kreme)

How does the free doughnuts promotion work?

If you are in America and in a position to take advantage of Krispy Kreme’s offer, claiming a doughnut couldn’t be simpler.

According to the Krispy Kreme website, “…anyone who shows their COVID-19 Vaccination Record Card will receive a free Original Glazed doughnut.”

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The information online continues:

“Qualified guests include anyone who has received at least one of the two shots of the Moderna or Pfizer COVID-19 Vaccine or one shot of the Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 Vaccine.

“Any qualified guest needs to show their COVID-19 Vaccination Record Card to redeem the COVID-19 Vaccine Offer.”

The hope is that the move will motivate Americans to get themselves vaccinated. However, some critics have claimed that the marketing move is irresponsibly promoting obesity.

As writer and podcaster Bridget Phetasy explained in a tweet, “Obesity is one of the primary factors that affects your response to Covid and these f*****s are giving away a donut a day if you’re vaccinated. Everything is so dumb.”