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McDonald’s new chicken sandwich comes with a fried cheese patty – and it’s really dividing fans

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Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

Deep-fried cheese is one of those foods that walks a fine line between glorious and horrible. No matter how delicious crispy, battered, gooey dairy, might sound, there comes a point where you can have too much of a good thing.

This might explain why McDonald’s new Chick ‘N’ Cheese burger – complete with a fried cheese patty – is causing such a stir among fans. It turns out, even if you’re the biggest fast food business on earth, sometimes less is more.

McDonald's Chick 'N' Cheese McDonald’s Chick ‘N’ Cheese sandwich is getting mixed reviews (Credit: McDonald’s)

McDonald’s fried cheese sandwich

Newly released at locations across Singapore, McDonald’s Chick ‘N’ Cheese burger sounds like it should be brilliant.

Announced in late April, the decadent dish features crispy chicken fillet, lettuce, sweet tomato chili jam, mayo and cheese. What’s really stealing headlines, however, is the addition of a deep-fried mozzarella patty.

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In the official product description on the McDonald’s Singapore website, the brand claims: “Every bite hits a new level with the duo-combo savoury cheesy mozzarella and crispy chicken patties, matched perfectly with the sweet tomato chilli jam.”

To make things even more unusual, the meal is also available with an optional side of ‘Pizza McShaker’ fries. There’s no doubt about it, McDonald’s aren’t pulling any punches with flavour.

McDonald's chicken cheese burger The new burger comes with a range of interesting sides (Credit: McDonald’s)

Fans react to the sandwich

Deep-frying cheese is always going to divide the crowd. Even so, reaction to this particular dish seems to be particularly hostile.

On Instagram, McDonald’s recently shared a snap of its new burger, accompanied by the hopeful caption: “Check out the cheese in our new Chick ‘N’ Cheese burger… It’s stacked with ingredients from bun to bun that’ll take your tastebuds to the next level!”

However, despite the bold claims from McDonald’s responses under the post have been pretty scathing. One user, for instance, called the dish “extremely disappointing”.

Another went on to add: “Not worth it. I was extremely disappointed with the cheese. Something about the flavours didnt gel well. A plain old mcspicy or the buttermilk crispy chicken is a much tastier option.”

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On the face of it, adding fried cheese might seem like a no-brainer for fast food fans. If the mixed response to the Chick ‘N’ Cheese burger tells us anything, it’s that restraint can be a good thing.

A deep-fried cheese patty might sound epic on paper, but that doesn’t always translate to the real world.