McDonald’s is unveiling a new menu tomorrow with plans to bring back some iconic fan favourites

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In exciting news for McDonald’s customers across the country, the Golden Arches is unveiling a new look menu tomorrow (June 16).

The new options will include some returning fan favourites, as well as a brand new burger.

If you’re a fast food fan, the next few weeks look set to be a seriously exciting time. However, you’ll have to move fast if you want to take advantage of the tasty new options as they’ll be available for a limited time only.

New McDonald's menu The BBQ Bacon Stack is coming to McDonald’s menus this week (Credit: McDonald’s)

McDonald’s unveils new summer UK menu

The headline act from the changing McDonald’s menu is undoubtedly the chain’s all-new BBQ Bacon Stack burger.

This £4.79 premium sandwich features a delicious combination of summery staples, all served in a seriously stuffed bun.

As well as a sesame seed artisan bap, the burger includes two beef patties, pepper jack cheese and smoked bacon. All this is topped with tomato, lettuce, onions and a generous drizzle of barbecue sauce.

If the promotional pics are anything to go by, the BBQ Bacon Stack promises to be a seriously indulgent option.

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Although the new burger certainly takes centre stage, it isn’t the only exciting option on the new menu. For instance, fans will be delighted to learn that mozzarella dippers are finally making a comeback.

To top it off, both Aero and Aero Mint McFlurries will be available on Wednesday, in what counts as a major coup for fans.

Although the core McDonald’s menu remains unchanged, there’s no doubt that these four extras make things seriously exciting for the foreseeable future.

McDonald's Mozzarella dippers Mozzarella dippers are also coming back to menus (Credit: McDonald’s)

McDonald’s axes menu items

Sadly, the changes to the line-up means that some dishes are facing the chop.

To make way for the new BBQ Bacon Stack, McDonald’s has made the difficult decision to drop several popular dishes. These include the Bacon Clubhouse Double, Cheese and Herb Melts and two Galaxy-themed McFlurries.

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Furthermore, the McDonald’s menu is currently compromised by a chronic shortage of chicken selects. Several restaurants are unable to serve the popular fried chicken dish, leading to panic among customers.

All in all, this menu shake-up could be exactly what the Golden Arches needs to get back on its feet after a tricky few weeks.