Aldi's sellout £40 pizza oven is back in stores this week

19 Mar 2024



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It might still be that weird time when it's not quite winter or spring, but why not get organised this year and prepare for the sunny months ahead.

You see, if you slack you're in danger of missing out on one of Aldi's biggest seasonal bargains – their BBQ pizza oven.

The Specialbuys fave promises to deliver "delicious restaurant-style pizzas" (but for way cheaper than actually ordering in).

You're gonna want a slice of this bargain (Credit: Aldi)

It launched in 2022 and sold out insanely quickly, and has returned every year since.

Designed to sit on top of a regular barbecue (gas or charcoal is fine), the pizza oven is super compact and takes up less room in your garage then a bulky alternative.

The pizza oven is made with high-quality ceramic pizza stone and comes with an inbuilt thermometer, meaning it's easy to use, whether you're a bonafide pizzaiolo or a novice.

It promises you'll be able to cook a 12-inch pizza in as little as 10 minutes flat – and imagine how much you'd impress all your mates at your next garden party!?

The oven cooks pizza dough in 10 minutes flat (Credit: Aldi)

You can buy pre-made pizza dough if you wanna keep it really simple, otherwise the dough is the only part you have to master (psst, fool proof Twisted pizza dough recipe here).

The best part is the oven will only set you back £39.99, which is pretty darn good compared to others on the market.

For comparison, this is 55 percent less than Dunelm's pizza oven. Yup, Aldi Specialbuys strikes again.

The pizza ovens will be available from 21st March, and can be found in the middle aisle at your local Aldi (find yours here).

The product will be available for a limited time in Aldi's middle aisle (Credit: Getty)

Obvs, we'd suggest getting down as soon to the 21st as you can, as these ovens are never about for long!

You know Specialbuys' motto as well... “once they’re gone, they’re gone”, so if you snooze on these then you're gonna have to fork out more for pizzas in the garden.

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