Aldi is selling a giant Yorkshire pudding stuffed with pigs in blankets for Christmas

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Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

We have many thoughts about Christmas foods beginning to drop in October, but one thing we cannot argue with is the arrival of pigs in blankets.

Yup, we’ll take those meaty little snacks as soon as they land on shelves – and nowadays there are so many twists on them that you’d need from now until the New Year to try them all, anyway.

From pigs in blanket Christmas sandwiches to gravy flavoured like the porky offering, we were already feeling like we didn’t know where to start this year.

But Aldi’s Giant Yorkshire with Pig in Blanket  has edged it to the top our list. Why? Well, just look at it

aldi pigs in blanket yorkshire pudding

A giant pig in blanket is the only thing that could make a Yorkie better… (Credit: Aldi)

Here at Twisted, we’re the first to admit that we find every food more exciting when it’s monstrous in size.

So, you can imagine our excitement at the announcement that Aldi would be stuffing a 60cm pig in blanket into an extra large Yorkie. It’s a Christmas miracle…

The Yorkshire pudding is a festive side which will undoubtedly go down a treat (but we won’t tell if you scoff one before the holidays, just for fun).

A 380g Yorkshire will set you back £4.99, and it looks like a real showstopper.

The fun doesn’t stop there, either, as Aldi’s Christmas range for 2022 also includes Loaded Pigs in Blankets, covered in Wensleydale, classic cheddar cheese and a handful of cranberries (£3.79).

There’s also the Specially Selected Pork and Truffle Flavour Pigs in Blankets (£2.99), if you fancy something seriously indulgent.

aldi pigs in blankets

Aldi’s pigs in blankets range is off the charts this year (Credit: Aldi)

Plus, you can get your hands on a Specially Selected Pigs in Blanket Pizza for £4.29, which sees a cheese and tomato wood-fire oven pizza topped with pigs in blankets and a sweet seasonal cranberry sauce. Yum.

All these products will be dropping in Aldi stores in December, so keep your eyes peeled.

You know what they say, go pig or go home!