An Among Us-shaped McDonald’s chicken nugget just sold for $100k on eBay

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Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

A curiously shaped chicken McNugget has sold for almost $99,997 on eBay after a furious bidding war.

The item, which was allegedly unearthed in a McDonald’s BTS meal, attracted such a significant sum as a result of its uncanny resemblance to a character from popular video game Among Us.

Whoever the purchaser may be, the Internet seems to agree that there’s something sus about paying $100k for two-inches of battered chicken.

Among Us McNugget The original eBay listing for the Among Us McNugget (Credit: eBay)

Among Us McNugget fetches $100,000 at auction

The bid history on the unusual McNugget is truly extraordinary.

From a starting price of just $0.99, the delicious morsel – presented in its own personal plastic bag – attracted little attention when it dropped on eBay on May 28th. However, despite inauspicious beginnings, things soon began to get out of hand.

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By the end of May 30th, the highest bid stood at a whopping $30,169. Two days later, that had increased to $40,000.

Eventually, after over 180 separate bids on the McNugget, the highest bidder secured it for an incredible $99,997. It’s safe to assume that this makes it the most valuable bit of fried chicken in history.

The lucky vendor, known only as polizna, made no exceptional claims about their McNugget. In fact, the only commitment they made was that the buyer will receive the item “prior to expiration”.

Quite why that makes it worth as much as a Lamborghini Gallardo Balboni is anyone’s guess.

McDonald's BTS The bizarre McNugget was found in a BTS meal (Credit: McDonald’s)

Fans react to the $100,000 nugget

Understandably, fans have expressed some strong feelings about the notorious nug.

Most sensible people cannot get their head around why anyone would want a $100,000 piece of chicken. As a flummoxed Twitterer wrote: “The chicken nugget shaped like an Among Us character has sold for close to $100,000 on eBay because all hope has been lost in this world.”

However, others were much more sympathetic to the bizarre bidding war. As one tweet emphatically claimed, “You’re just jealous you cant afford the among us nugget.”

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Even the official Among Us Twitter account got involved, telling its followers, “all who have seen the nugget are the chosen ones.”

Investing your life savings in a piece of poultry might seem ill-advised. However, there’s not doubt that the winner has helped create a bit of fast food history.