Petition calls for Milky Way to be removed from Celebrations instead of Bounty

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Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

Following the news that Celebrations are trialling a box of chocolate without Bounty this Christmas, you’re likely to either be filled with joy or fury right about now. 

Yup, Mars Wrigley made the controversial decision to drop Bounty bars from select boxes of Celebrations, after 39 percent of the public claimed they wanted it banished from their tins. 

But the problem is, there are still 61 percent of the public who oppose that decision… and now, they’re speaking out in their droves.

“Good morning to everyone except the person who decided to remove Bounty’s from a tub of Celebrations,” wrote one person.

Whilst another said: “There should be MORE Bountys in Celebrations, not less. I’m not taking any further questions at this time.”

A third penned: “Bounty being removed from celebrations tubs is a warcrime…get the coconut goodness back and save the unsung hero of the sweet world!”

Alongside a bunch of tweets which also branded the move “disgusting” and “wrong”, a fellow impassioned Bounty fan took things one step further, starting a petition calling for the Bounty bars to be reinstated, and for another chocolate bar to get the chop, instead…

Find out more about that in this Good Morning Britain clip, below: 

Coming for the Milky Way and demanding that it be removed in Bounty’s place, the petition is yet to pick up any serious steam, but it’s clear there are many who back the idea online. 

“Yes definitely get rid of the Milky Way, I love a Bounty this will ruin Christmas,” said one viewer of the clip.

Whilst another concurred: “Bounty has to stay, it’s one of the first to go in my house. Yes take the Milky Way out, nobody eats those surely?”

milky way bar chocolate

Fans have suggested the Milky Way bar gets the cull instead (Credit: Alamy)

Are Celebrations *actually* removing Bounty?

It’s worth noting that Bounty bars aren’t going anywhere for good – even though many people seem to think that they are.

You’ll still be able to get normal Celebrations tubs with the coconut filled choccies in place, there will just be an option to buy ‘No Bounty’ tubs in select Tesco stores from November 8th.

The trial is only running until December 18th, and the idea is that at select Tesco Christmas Market sites across the UK, you’ll be able to exchange tubs bought in store for a box containing zero Bounty bars and additional Milky Way, Snickers, Mars, Galaxy and Maltesers chocolates, instead.

celebrations tub

You will still be able to get normal Celebrations tubs, too (Credit: Alamy)

So, basically, there’s no need to panic. Everybody can still eat the chocolates they love the most – got it?

It’s clear the folks at Celebrations are finding the whole ordeal rather baffling, too.

Taking to Twitter as all the pleas and petitions flooded the timeline, they wrote: “Overwhelmed by the Bounty love today… a nice surprise but not what we were expecting.”

If one thing is clear from this whole misunderstanding, it’s that we’re all ready for some Christmas chocolates. Anyone for a tub of Celebrations?