Baileys hot chocolate bombes are back for Christmas

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Who doesn’t love a, sweet, creamy glass of Baileys over the Christmas period? It’s practically a festive right of passage.

From tiramisu flavoured Baileys to mini bottles you can hang on your tree, nowadays, there are loads of different ways you can enjoy the creme liqueur over the holidays.

But our personal favourite may well be Baileys’ hot chocolate bombes – a boozy, cosy, chocolatey hug in a mug.

baileys hot chocolate bombes

Baileys has brought back its hot chocolate bombes (Credit: Baileys)

If you haven’t tried Baileys hot chocolate bombes before, they were an absolute hit last year, and they’re back again for 2022.

Their outer shells are made with velvety dark chocolate flavoured with Baileys, and the bombes are filled of fluffy mini marshmallows.

To turn the bombes into hot chocolate, as if by magic, simply pour hot milk over the bombe and watch it dissolve into delicious, frothy goodness.

“Who fancies something really special?,” Baileys teases on its website. “And we mean, REALLY special. Enjoy two of the greatest indulgences… chocolate and Baileys, in one decadent drink. Welcome to hot choccie heaven!”

baileys hot chocolate

Anyone for a Baileys hot chocolate? (Credit: Baileys)

A three pack, which weighs 130g, can be bought for £7.99 on Amazon, Matalan and on various gifting websites like MenKind and Prezzybox (prices vary, so you might want to shop around for the best boozy bargain!)

In other creme liqueur news, Aldi’s chocolate orange flavoured offering is all the range at the moment – and people are saying it tastes exactly like Terry’s.

From the budget supermarket’s own alcohol brand, Ballycastle, the Chocolate and Clementine Liqueur costs just £7.49 for a 70cl bottle, and is flavoured like everyone’s favourite stocking filler, with rich, creamy notes of chocolate and sweet and festive clementines complimenting each other, perfectly.

This isn’t the only creme liqueur worth stocking up on at Aldi. In fact, the supermarket dropped the chocolate orange drink alongside a variety of other festive tipples back in September.

creme liqueur

Christmas is all about Baileys (Credit: Alamy)

Aldi’s Chocolate, Caramel & Hazelnut Cream Liqueur is another hit in the collection. Need we tell you what those flavours instantly remind us of? Yup, the Quality Street Purple One, of course…

With these and the Baileys hot chocolate, there’s no doubting our alcohol cabinets are going to be very full this Christmas. Just remember to drink responsibly!