Baileys just released a vanilla mint shake

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Did you think Baileys was just for Christmas? Think again.

The brand has just dropped a brand new limited edition flavour for St Patrick’s Day, and it’s sure to have just about everyone flocking to the shops, no matter the season.

It comes in the form of a vanilla mint shamrock shake, and it’s not only a delightful green but it’s also absurdly moreish – described by Baileys as an “adult twist on a classic treat, perfect for any St Patrick’s Day celebration.”

If you’d rather not drink it as a shake, the tipple also works nicely in a shot, or tipped over your fave ice cream.

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baileys vanilla mint creme liqueur

Baileys’ vanilla mint shake is here (Credit: Baileys)

“This St. Patrick’s Day, Baileys is going minty green for the first time ever! We are absolutely thrilled to provide a new delicious indulgence for everyone’s annual celebrations,” says Sophie Kelly, SVP of Whiskies and Liqueur, Diageo North America.

“St. Patrick’s Day is always a time when people come together to have a bit of fun and toast to the Emerald Isle, and we hope this year it’s with the decadent Baileys Vanilla Mint Shake.”

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The drink is only available on a limited run to honour St Paddies (on March 17th), and the bad news for Brits is it’s a purely US release, at the moment.

A 750ml bottle will set lucky Americans back $24.99 (£20.84) and is available in stores nationwide. We have a feeling these won’t be around for long!

baileys vanilla mint shake

The bottle is available for St Patrick’s Day (Credit: Baileys)

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In fact, over in the States, it’s safe to say that people are excited about the launch. 

“Feel like this would b so slay for St Patrick’s [day],” said one person.

“Hell yeah me and my mom would go for this being a fan of mint,” said another, after seeing news of the drop online.

For those who aren’t aware, the Shamrock Shake is a mint green milkshake served regularly at US McDonald’s branches to honour St Paddy’s Day.

We don’t know about you, but the only thing better than a mint and vanilla milkshake is one with Baileys in it…brb, we’re off to try and make our own version.