21 Valentine’s Day takeaway ideas for a romantic AF night in

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A romantic dinner delivery could be the perfect shout this Valentine’s Day if you fancy staying in. Bouquets of roses and fancy restaurants are all well and good, but, let’s face it, sometimes the best way to show love is a cosy night at home with bae.

Yup, we wouldn’t blame you at all if you wanted to swap the soppy tasting menu and the schmaltzy fellow couples for company in favour of a romantic dinner delivery at home. Hell, we’d go as far as to say it’s the sensible thing to do.

Sure, you’re guaranteed to spill at least some of the food down yourself, but the good thing is you can eat it directly in front of Netflix, and you won’t even have to change out of your comfies. That’s love, right?

So let’s take a look at some of the most romantic dinner delivery options where you live for the perfect Valentine’s Day.

Romantic dinner delivery options near me

If you happen to be wondering, ‘what romantic dinner delivery options are near me?’ this Valentine’s Day, then don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

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From a proper good steak and chips to heart shaped pizzas, you can get everything from DIY dinner kits to full restaurant meals delivered across London and far beyond, depending on what (or should we say who) you fancy.

1. Pizza Punks

pizza punks – Romantic dinner delivery near me for the perfect Valentine’s Day

Pizza Punks’ heart shaped pizza (Credit: Pizza Punks)

Heart shaped pizza, you say? Sometimes it really is the little things (like very subtly adjusting the shape of some dough).

If this sounds like it’s speaking your love language then UK pizzeria, Pizza Punks could be your guy. With outposts in Glasgow, Durham, Leicester, Nottingham, Leeds and Liverpool, they’re available on Uber Eats, Deliveroo and Just Eat.

There’s also a DoughIY at home kit if you want to make a romantic Valentine’s Day pizza for your other half from scratch.

The only thing better than a heart-shaped pizza is one you’ve kneaded yourself…Check out their full menu here.

2. Willy’s Pies

willy's pies - Romantic dinner delivery near me for the perfect Valentine’s Day

What says I love you better than a pie? (Credit: Willy’s Pies)

We think one of the world’s biggest misconceptions is that romantic food has to mean haute cuisine. In fact, we can testify that nothing gets our hearts racing like a good old fashioned pie. Enter, Willy’s Pies.

Willy offers proper good pastry cased grub, hand-made by him (a trained chef) and packed up straight from his London kitchen. They’re stuffed with fillings like coq au vin and celeriac, parsnip and raclette, and can be ordered fresh or frozen to enjoy on February 14th.

These pies are only available for delivery in London at the moment, but those who happen to be passing through ahead of the big day can also pop in and collect one, too. Trust us, it’s worth a quick trip to the Capital.

Check out the full menu here. 

3. Simon Rogan

simon rogan at home - Romantic dinner delivery near me for the perfect Valentine’s Day

Simon Rogan’s at home boxes are a great shout, too (Credit: Home by Simon Rogan)

If you really want to push the boat out, then why not order food from celebrity chef, Simon Rogan, straight to your door?

His Valentine’s Day ‘at home’ menu makes the perfect romantic dinner delivery for those who’d rather a night in than an evening on the town.

You’ll be sent all the components of your meal and will have to cook and assemble basic elements yourself, but with dishes like truffle pudding with stout vinegar, artichoke and Berkswell cheese, you can guarantee this Valentine’s night in menu won’t be sniffed at.

If you don’t mind paying slightly more premium prices to woo your Valentine this year, the full menu is here.

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4. Iberica Food

iberica spanish food tapas - Romantic dinner delivery near me for the perfect Valentine’s Day

Fancy some Spanish tapas? (Credit: Iberica Spanish Food)

Picky bits don’t get enough credit as a date night food. After all, what’s better than a whole tray of food to graze for a night in?

Iberica Food offers a dine in for two gourmet sharing box which is perfect for those looking to bring their Valentine’s Day dinner straight to their living rooms. The provider of authentic Spanish produce is a great option if you’re after a lighter option.

A sharing box comes with sliced meats, cheese, olives and nibbles. It not only looks impressive but takes basically no preparation, which is a winner in anyone’s books. Plus, with plenty of Rioja red wine and Cava, it’s a sure-fire recipe for some romance. Full details of what’s on offer here. 

5. Franco Manca

franco manca pizza valentines day - Romantic dinner delivery near me for the perfect Valentine’s Day

Franco Manca pizza is another great Valentine’s option (Credit: Franco Manca)

Franco Manca is always a reliable option, and there are also some heart-shaped pies on offer here, too. With pizzerias all across the UK which offer delivery on Uber Eats and Deliveroo, you can pretty much guarantee your pizza fix at a moment’s notice.

It may be a chain restaurant, sure, but Franco Manca’s toppings are always something a little bit special. At the moment, they’ve got a pizza topped with halloumi cheese, tomato, roasted potatoes and pesto.

This is the perfect option if you want to keep it casual, but make it bit fancier than Domino’s. After all, bae deserves it.

6. Wright Brothers

wright brothers seafood valentines day - Romantic dinner delivery near me for the perfect Valentine’s Day

Wright Brothers are putting seafood on your at-home Valentine’s menu (Credit: Wright Brothers)

It doesn’t get more Valentine’s Day than oysters, does it? The seafood delivery service can drop the likes of scallops and fresh jersey oysters straight to your door so you can serve up something special from the comfort of your home. 

Delivering all around the UK with discounts in the run-up to Valentine’s Day, nothing says you want a loved-up night in quite like this.

Cop everything they have to offer here.

7. Rick Stein

steins at home - Romantic dinner delivery near me for the perfect Valentine’s Day

Rick Stein is offering up a steak meal for Valentine’s (Credit: Rick Stein at Home)

If you’re looking to go big, Rick Stein also offers at home delivery boxes for Valentine’s Day, specifically a Valentine’s steak menu which would undoubtedly make the perfect romantic dinner delivery. 

It’s pricier than a pizza delivery, sure, but the three-course menu includes sirloin steak with peppercorn sauce, new potatoes and kalettes and sticky toffee pudding for dessert. It’s proper restaurant food without leaving your sofa. 

Again, minimal at-home cooking is required, but that just wins you brownie points, right? Full menu here.

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8. Bun House

bun house - Romantic dinner delivery near me for the perfect Valentine’s Day

Say I love you with steamed buns (Credit: Bun House/ Dishpatch)

Street food heroes and founders of London institution Bun House, Z He and Alex Peffly, are also offering people the chance to serve up their food as part of a romantic dinner delivery this Valentine’s Day. 

Inspired by Hong Kong’s 1960s cha chan tangs (or tea restaurants, where dim sum was served) the duo’s Cantonese steamed buns have become some of the most hyped in the Capital, and make the perfect Valentine’s feast. 

You can order six pillowy buns to share online, stuffed with the likes of  sticky, char siu-style pork belly, tender beef brisket. Check ‘em out here.

9. Michael Roux Jr

michael roux jr valentines day food - Romantic dinner delivery near me for the perfect Valentine’s Day

Go fancy and enlist Michael Roux Jr to bring the Valentine’s goods (Credit: Dishpatch)

If you’re serving up food from the head chef at Le Gavroche, you’ve probably got a ring hidden somewhere in the gaff…

This is for the Valentine that wants to make a statement, offering a premium three-course dinner featuring the likes of a classic beef fillet wellington and a sexy whisky chocolate tart for pud.

Everything comes delivered straight to your door ahead of Valentine’s, so all you need to do is heat and eat. 

Don’t mind if we do, thanks. Full menu and prices here.

10. Roti King

roti king valentines meal - Romantic dinner delivery near me for the perfect Valentine’s Day

Roti King is always a winner (Credit: Dishpatch)

Sometimes the best way to say I love you is with a curry delivery. If we had to pick one specifically? It’s got to be Roti King. 

Express Roti is their at-home delivery option available nationwide via Dishpatch, and it’s the perfect way to get restaurant quality Malaysian food to your doorstep. 

Pick between a succulent chicken curry and their creamy dhal, to be served alongside their light crispy roti. 

You know what they say, spicy food is an aphrodisiac, and all that – but this is also just damn tasty. Menu here.

11. Kanada-Ya

kanada ya - Romantic dinner delivery near me for the perfect Valentine’s Day

Kanada-Ya delivers all the ingredients for ramen to your door (Credit: Kanada-Ya)

Ramen is another great option if you’re looking for a romantic dinner delivery this Valentine’s. The best part is you can assemble this one from Kanada-Ya yourself, so you basically get all the credit. 

You know what we were saying about spice? Well, these guys promise to deliver with a chilli-heavy ramen served alongside izakaya-style starters including chicken karaage and a soothing green tea.

It’s packed with fresh bird’s eye chilli, powdered chilli and chilli oil. That’s one way to ensure your Valentine’s is a hot one. Check it out.

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12. Dishoom

dishoom takeaway curry - Romantic dinner delivery near me for the perfect Valentine’s Day

Dishoom offer great takeaway curries too (Credit: Dishoom)

Ah, Dishoom, another failsafe curry option. Available for delivery across some of its UK locations, getting this Bombay-inspired restaurant delivery is almost certainly a step up from your local curry house. 

Whether you’re after biryanis, ruby murrays or the house black dhal, these guys have a stellar reputation for a reason. 

With spots in London, the Midlands and the North, Dishoom makes a cracking delivery option on Valentine’s (or any day, for that matter). 

P.S. You *must* get the okra fries. Full menu here.

13. Hoppers

hoppers christmas menu - Romantic dinner delivery near me for the perfect Valentine’s Day

Hoppers offers up Sri Lankan fare (Credit: Hoppers)

Sri Lankan and South Asian restaurant, Hoppers, is another great option if you want a slap-up feast delivered to your door this Valentine’s. 

With a selection of sharing dishes including breadfruit kari, aubergine salad and pol sambol, as well as the restaurant’s namesake, string hoppers, you won’t even need to leave the house to enjoy this restaurant-standard sharing menu with your other half. 

Delivered ready for you to heat up, this is another fab option if you’re looking for a special Valentine’s delivery. 

Check out the full menu here, and our interview with Hoppers founder Karan Gokani here, to whet your appetite. 

14. Pizza Pilgrims

pizza pilgrims - Romantic dinner delivery near me for the perfect Valentine’s Day

You can’t go wrong with Pizza Pilgrims (Credit: Pizza Pilgrims)

There are no shortage of pizza delivery options in the UK right now. Another gem is Pizza Pilgrims, with branches in London, Oxford, Cambridge and Brighton. 

Their menu includes the likes of a smoky aubergine parm pizza and one aptly named ‘Pizz and Love’, topped with Italian veggies and a vegan basil pesto. What better to order on Valentine’s Day? 

You can also turn up the heat with their double pepperoni and spicy honey pizza – seriously, it’s a good’n. Available on your delivery apps if you’re lucky enough to live near a branch, you can find the full menu here. 

15. St John

st john valentines delivery box - Romantic dinner delivery near me for the perfect Valentine’s Day

St John’s Valentine’s delivery box is here (Credit: St John)

St John is a restaurant, winery and a bakery that stands out from the crowd. 

It’s not easy to get a table at the London institution, but the good news is you can order it yourself on Dishpatch – and we think it makes the perfect Valentine’s offering. 

St John’s Valentine’s Cassoulet Supper includes a nose-to-tail cassoulet knocked up by the restaurant itself. 

It’s filled with confit duck leg, Toulouse sausage, bacon, ham, trotter and flageolet beans, and comes followed by a chocolate mousse with boozy prunes.

This Valentine’s menu is one for someone who’s keen to pull out all the stops, even if you’re not leaving the house. 

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16. Proof Bakery

the proof bakery - Romantic dinner delivery near me for the perfect Valentine’s Day

An eclair mountain is the way to anyone’s heart (Credit: The Proof)

Why not just skip the main course and go straight on to pudding? Proof Bakery is offering a build-your-own profiterole heart kit via delivery, so you can woo your other half with choux pastry and cream. 

Who wouldn’t be knocked off their feet by this? 

The balls of choux arrive ready to be filled, and you even get some honeycomb and white chocolate hearts to garnish. 

There’s nationwide delivery, although it may cost more depending how far you live from their east London shop. All the details here.

17. Honey and Co

valentines day - Romantic dinner delivery near me for the perfect Valentine’s Day

Say it with babka (Credit: Honey and Co)

For Valentine’s Day, middle eastern restaurant Honey and Co is serving up a limited edition cardamom cream and raspberry babka, and it’s another pudding that is sure to complete whatever romantic dinner you’re planning at home this year. 

It’s limited edition offering especially for Valentine’s day, and comes plaited and topped with rose petals. 

The babka is available for delivery nationwide and promises to arrive in time for Valentine’s. What better gift could you ask for? Order here. 

18. Park Chinois

Park Chinois - Romantic dinner delivery near me for the perfect Valentine’s Day

Park Chinois is for if you’re feeling fancy (Credit: Park Chinois)

Park Chinois is a high-end Chinese restaurant in central London, but they also deliver to those living near enough, via Slerp. 

Those lucky individuals get to order from a menu which includes the likes of pan fried black truffle bao, Wyagu beef bamboo charcoal bao and Iberico pork char sui bao. 

Truffle may stink the house out, but there’s something about it that screams romance, too. If you’re looking for opulence and you’re based in the Capital, takeaways don’t get more special than this. 

19. Decatur, Le Swine and The Proof

le swine valentines day deliver - Romantic dinner delivery near me for the perfect Valentine’s Day

Le Swine, Decatur and The Proof have teamed up (Credit: Le Swine)

Decatur deliver award-winning Southern food nationwide, and they’ve teamed up with Le Swine and Proof (yes, the bakery we already mentioned) to create a Ménage à Trois Valentine’s Day meal kit.

In it, you can expect to find all the ingredients for bacon butties from Le Swine, Decatur’s pecorino garlic butter topped chargrilled oysters, a sticky toffee heart and a decadent ganache stuffed proofiterole pruffles from The Proof.

It’s not only a romantic Valentine’s dinner but a whole bloody day’s worth of grub (and it doesn’t even break the bank either). Find out more here.

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20. José Pizarro

valentines day delivery José Pizarro spanish - Romantic dinner delivery near me for the perfect Valentine’s Day

José Pizarro is bringing Spanish fine dining to your door (Credit: Dishpatch)

Acclaimed Spanish chef José Pizarro is offering a Spanish Steak Supper to be delivered for Valentine’s, and it’s a showstopper. 

Available nationwide via Dishpatch, it comes fully pre-prepped and ready to heat at home, with a 30-day dry-aged ‘Txuleton’ steak, triple-cooked chips and a bitter leaf salad on offer. 

With five different components to this meal including confit peppers and a chocolate ganache, this one is on the steeper end of the spectrum, price wise. 

However, your date is sure to be bowled away. We wouldn’t blame you if you just pretended you’d knocked it all up yourself…Menu here.

21. McDonald’s

mcdonalds monopoly

SometImes all you need is a Maccies (Credit: McDonald’s)

Okay, this is half a joke, but also who wouldn’t want a Maccies delivered? Romance is in the eye of the beholder, and in our eyes, a Maccies is very much a sign of love. 

Whether bae is partial to a double McPlant or a McCrispy, sometimes it’s the simple things in life that mean the most, like a burger and chips in front of the telly. 

This is also a purse friendly option, which is always a winner. Forget about cooking and order a McDonald’s meal on UberEats. Job done. Reacquaint yourself with the menu here.