What is the cheesiest food in the world? 8 dishes that top the list

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Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

Picturing the cheesiest food in the world conjures up images of oozing yellow pools and gooey strands melting like marshmallow. It’s foodporn at its most hardcore.

However, beyond our wildest cheesy fantasies, there are dishes that really do take things to another level when it comes to dairy.

cheesiest food in the world Aligot is one of the world’s cheesiest dishes (Credit: Alamy/Image Professionals GmbH)

What is the cheesiest food in the world?

To find the cheesiest food in the world, you’ve first got to stop thinking of it as a supporting player. When done right, cheese can command centre stage just as well as meat and fish. In fact, in the right hands, it’s probably even more spectacular.

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To help you find cheesy heaven, we’ve put together this list of the eight most exceptional cheese dishes.

You won’t find a sprinkling of cheddar or dusting of parmesan here. These dishes are all about the dairy.

This is our guide to the cheesiest food in the world. Bon Appetit.

obatzda Obatzda is a popular German cheese (Credit: Alamy/Mehriban Aliyeva)

1. Obatzda

We kick off our cheesy adventure in Germany. Made from a mix of two-thirds aged cheese, usually camembert or similar, and one-third butter, obatzda is then seasoned with paprika, salt pepper and a slosh of beer.

Used as a spread on slices of thick white bread or traditional giant pretzels, obatzda is a beer-hall indulgence that ticks every drunk food box.

Aligot cheese potatoes Aligot is an indulgent mix of potato, garlic and cheese (Credit: Alamy/Image Professionals GmbH)

2. Aligot

This is not the first, nor probably the last, time that the Twisted team will praise the virtues of this French comfort food classic. Tomme cheese is carefully whipped into buttery mashed potatoes, creating a rich, gooey pile of carby indulgence.

For cheese and potato lovers, there is no better plate.

provoleta cheese Provoleta is basically a cooked slice of cheese (Credit: Alamy/Hemis)

3. Provoleta

A variant on a type of Italian “provolone” cheese, provoleta is an Argentinian barbecue classic. Disks of cheese are placed directly onto a grill and seasoned with chilli and oregano until partly melted.

The cheese is then coated in chimichurri and eaten with bread. As an appetiser before a meaty main event, there are few better options.

cheese khachapuri Khachapuri is a classic comfort food (Credit: Alamy/kostyantyn manzhura)

4. Khachapuri

Another Twisted favourite, the Georgian khachapuri is a cheese and bread variant that was built to be a crowd-pleaser. The dish features a chewy, doughy bread boat, gooey cheese and richly runny egg yolks. What more could you ask for?

The result is a reservoir of cheesy joy, designed for excessive dipping.

cheesiest food in the world Cheese fondue is actually a fairly contemporary dish (Credit: Alamy/imageBROKER)

5. Swiss Fondue

You can’t have a conversation about cheese without mentioning the national dish of Switzerland. A communal dish of tangy cheese, toasty booze and a touch of garlic, a proper Swiss fondue is a classic winter warmer.

Eaten with long, specially designed forks with which to impale dunkable pieces of bread and meat, fondue is the perfect excuse to play with your food.

cheesiest food in the world Raclette is now a very popular street food (Credit: Alamy/Alicia Clarke)

6. Raclette

Of all the trends to have exploded on social media over the last few years, none are as worthy of recognition as raclette.

Featuring semi-circles of liquifying Swiss cheese spread over fries, hot dogs and all manner of other meals, raclette sets the bar for everyday cheese-porn.

saganaki greek cheese Saganaki is a fried slice of Greek cheese (Credit: Alamy/JHeinimann)

7. Saganaki

It’s hard to take something as unctuous as cheese and make it even more indulgent. Fortunately for everyone, the Greeks have managed it.

A classic saganaki features blocks of feta, covered in batter and deep fried to produce a tangy, salty snack that turns any Greek feast into something the whole world will envy.

Hungarian cheesecake Hungarian cheesecake is a popular pastry (Credit: Alamy/Konstantin Markov)

8. Hungarian cheesecake

It’s only right to finish our cheesy journey with dessert, and none showcase everyone’s favourite dairy product better than cheesecake. While most recipes require cream cheese to take a back seat, the Hungarians have adopted a different attitude.

A special blend of sweetened cottage cheese and sour cream makes Hungarian cheesecake the ultimate dessert for any cheese lover.

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Clearly, cheese is one of those things that can improve almost any situation. However, the dishes on this list truly take this most glorious of foods to the next level.

For anyone who claims to be a cheese fan, working your way through these dishes is an absolute must.