Burger King is selling frozen Fanta Lemon and it’s a summer miracle

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Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

Just in time for summer, Burger King has launched frozen Fanta Lemon slushies in store – and we couldn’t be more happy about it, really.

Yep, the fast-food joint has brought out a pair of seasonal frozen slushies to see in the warmer weather, and Fanta Lemon is one of the flavours on offer.

The new beverage is made of Fanta lemon and ice crushed together to create a refreshing version of your favourite fizzy drink.

burger king fanta lemon

Yep, Fanta Lemon is available at Burger King (Credit: Instagram/ Burger King)

And that’s not all – if a citrusy slushie ‘aint your thing then you can also order a Fanta Strawberry flavour, too.

The slushies are currently only available in selected stores, and will cost £2.29 for a regular-size, or £2.49 for a size large.

Announcing the news on social media a couple of days ago, Burger King teased: “Only a month until it’s officially summer, and it’s already heating up out there. Could really use a Frozen Fanta right now…”

There isn’t yet a list of the locations selling the Frozen Fantas, but you can check where you local store is here and pop in to check if you’re one of the lucky ones.

“That frozen Fanta lemon at Burger King is MINE,” wrote one person after spotting the news. 

Whilst another wrote: “Burger King selling a frozen Fanta lemon was the good news I needed today”.

Us too. Brb, we’re off to our nearest Burger King, stat.

burger king

Burger King has launched a new frozen Fanta Lemon drink (Credit: Alamy)

In other food related news, did you spot that Papa Johns has just launched a Branston pickle stuffed crust pizza?

The new product has landed for summer, just in time for the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee, and can be added to all Cheese & Tomato, and Vegan Cheese & Tomato pizzas.

Available in stores right now, the crust is packed full of everyone’s favourite Ploughman’s essential, creating the ultimate mash-up between the quintessentially British sandwich and the Italian delicacy.

It’ll cost £2.99 to add the crust to your pizza, and there’s also an option to vegan-ise the crust stuffer, too, for the same price.

You can read more about the new Papa Johns menu here.