Man arrested for stealing 200,000 Creme Eggs

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Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

In today’s bizarre food news, someone has been arrested for stealing almost 200,000 Creme Eggs.

Before you ask… no, it wasn’t us.

The culprit was a British man, who is said to have broken into an industrial unit in Telford, just outside of Birmingham, and nicked a whopping £40,000  worth of chocolate in total.

Dubbed the ‘Easter bunny’ by police, the culprit, Joby Pool, 32, is expected to face around two years in jail next month after pleading guilty to the charges, which are for theft and criminal damage.

He is facing sentencing in a Crown Court next month.

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cadbury creme egg theft

Cadbury Creme Eggs were stolen from a unit in Birmingham (Credit: Flickr)

When he admitted his wrongdoing, the court learnt that the chocaholic thief stole a lorry with a false number plate so he could break into the industrial unit on Saturday.

Before his arrest, the West Mercia police said that they were hunting Pool, who they joked was “presumably purporting to be the Easter bunny”.

They stopped his vehicle on the M42 motorway and took his fondant filled contraband off him.

Afterwards, the police boasted that they had “saved Easter for Creme Egg fans.


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“The eggs-travagent theft took place on Saturday 11 February,” the West Mercia Police tweeted. “Along with the Creme Eggs, a number of other chocolate varieties were also stolen.”

Full of banter, these lot!

The case is said to be very similar to one that took place in 2019, where Pool is also said to have stolen some goods whilst driving when he was disqualified from doing so.

At the time, he “had a tractor unit and stole a trailer full of products”.

Pool was refused bail, seeing as he was already on bail for another unrelated crime at the time.