You can now buy a Southern Fried Easter egg

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Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

Easter is a wonderful time of year, isn’t it? It’s a time where it’s practically compulsory to devour your body weight in chocolate and hot-crossed buns. 

Literally, what’s not to love?

But those who are more partial to something savoury might be happy (or a little baffled) to hear that you can no go beyond Cadbury and Lindt, and order yourself a Southern Fried Choc’n Easter egg. 

Yup, you read that correctly.

The egg is a little weird, to say the least, but we won’t pretend it hasn’t caught our attention.

It comprises of a double layering of chocolate with the shell being coated with caramel-flavoured chocolate.

Sounds great so far, right? This is where it gets a little weird, as a southern fried outer layer is thrown into the mix.

Tempering the sweetness of the chocolate is a savoury, crunchy outer shell that Colonel Sanders would be proud of. 

southern fried choc'n easter egg chicken deliveroo

This is… baffling (Credit: Deliveroo)

Deliveroo claims to have come up with its own secret blend of herbs and spices as they prepare to release this chaotic Easter treat to diners in the UK.

Aisha Jefferson, a spokesperson for Deliveroo said: “Love fried chicken? Love chocolate? Then put your hands together because today Deliveroo is laying a new egg which is set to rule the roost this Easter.

“With our first savoury and sweet combination, what better flavours to combine than the nation’s favourite crispy coating and smooth milk chocolate?

“As with previous years, we’re expecting this one to fly off the menu, so be ready on Thursday when Southern Fried Choc’n hits the app.”

southern fried choc'n easter egg chicken deliveroo

Would you try this?! (Credit: Deliveroo)

Is your mouth watering yet? Hold your horses for a moment as the egg will only be available in select areas of certain cities around the UK.

You’ll be able to order it in Battersea, London, as well as Manchester, Bristol, Leeds, and Glasgow.

So if you aren’t in these areas but are desperate for the southern fried egg, you best prepare to make a journey!

The eggs are available from Thursday, April 6th, and are priced at £3.99 each with free delivery.

Just search Southern Fried Choc’n on the app and you’ll find what you require.