Domino’s voted the UK’s least favourite takeaway in shocking new survey

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A stunning new survey has found that Domino’s pizza is actually pretty unpopular – despite being one of the country’s most successful fast food chains.

The research, commissioned by online review platform Psydro, ranked 10 of the UK’s top eateries based on both internal and external reviews. Incredibly, Domino’s sits at the bottom of the pile.

making Italian pizza The nation has voted for its favourite pizza– and it’s not Domino’s (Credit: Alamy/Caludio Rampinini)

UK’s least favourite takeaway

The survey rated popular chains like KFC, McDonald’s and Burger King on a five-star scale, providing an average score.

Psydro gathered the data using a mixture of publically available and private internal information. This combination makes the findings even more compelling than you might expect from a typical ranking system.

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According to the study, Domino’s scored a measly 3.46 out of five. This score puts it below other pizza heavy hitters such as Papa John’s (3.51) and Pizza Hut (3.91).

This low ranking is all the more remarkable, as Domino’s dwarfs both these rivals in terms of number of outlets.

Papa John’s and Pizza Hut operate around 350 and 250 restaurants respectively. Domino’s, by contrast, has well over 1,000 stores spread across the country.

Five Guys popular takeaway Five Guys is the most popular takeaway in the UK (Credit: PA)

Most popular takeaway in the UK

At the other end of the table, the results were arguably even more surprising.

Major fast food players like McDonald’s and KFC found themselves languishing mid-table, with scores of 3.79 and 3.56 respectively.

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By contrast, relatively small burger brand Five Guys blew the competition away, registering a whopping 4.34 on the amalgamated scale. This was closely followed by Wagamama’s 4.32 in second place.

The full rankings from the survey are as follows:

  1. Five Guys – 4.34/5
  2. Wagamama – 4.32/5
  3. Nando’s – 4.29/5
  4. Greggs – 4.25/5
  5. Pizza Hut – 3.92/5
  6. McDonald’s – 3.79/5
  7. KFC – 3.56/5
  8. Burger King – 3.55/5
  9. Papa John’s – 3.51/5
  10. Domino’s – 3.46/5

Greggs vegan Greggs performed well in the survey (Credit: Greggs)

What do the results mean?

It’s fair to say that the survey has thrown up some surprising results. Discussing the final standings, Tony Ward, founder of Psydro, said:

“It was fascinating to analyse reviews to discover what company was rated the best, but it was no surprise to see international giant Five Guys top the list.

“However, it was interesting to see Dominos come in last, at tenth place, despite dominating our country with branches everywhere.

“We hope our findings prove useful for any Brits next time they are ordering out, so they can spend wisely.”

Whether this survey changes anyone’s opinions on their favourite takeaway remains to be seen. However, the results will certainly be a wake-up call to Domino’s franchises around the country.