You can get an ‘adult Easter egg’ filled with boozy creme liqueur

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A new adult Easter egg is dropping, and it sounds like a dream.

Plain old chocolate is great and all, but how do you feel about an Easter egg filled with boozy chocolate creme liqueur? Yep, we’ll be having ten, please.

The new product is being sold via online drinks retailer, The Bottle Club, and is as epic as it sounds.

Named the Egg Royale, it’s basically a 70cl glass Easter egg filled with a rich, cream liqueur made of cocoa and vanilla, and blended with cream.

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boozy easter egg creme liqueur

Anyone for an Easter egg filled with creme liqueur (Credit: The Bottle Club)

The glass egg is a pretty stunning ornament to keep, with a foil printed handle.

But the real pièce de résistance is its boozy chocolate centre. Seriously, Easter just got interesting! 

You can buy the boozy Easter egg from The Bottle Club right now for £23.49 (link here). 

Meanwhile, the egg is also stocked on the likes of Harvey Nichols, Fenwick, House of Malt and Amazon. 

If you don’t have a sweet tooth, we have news of another exciting Easter egg drop, too.

butlers cheese easter egg

Cheese Easter eggs are also a ‘thing’ (Credit: Butlers)

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Yup, there’s also cheese Easter eggs these days… the fun really does never stop.

From the brand Butler’s Farmhouse Cheeses, the eggs come in two flavours: cheddar and blue cheese, for those who fancy something a bit funkier.

Selling in a box so they look exactly like their chocolatey counterparts, the products are technically half an Easter egg, but you’d never tell from the front.

The Easter egg halves can be chopped up and eaten on crackers or popped into a sandwich.

Weighing 120g, the eggs are made with the very best of Butlers’ cheeses – their traditional Farmhouse Cheddar and their gold award-winning blue cheese, Blacksticks Blue.

More on those and where you can buy ’em here.