You can now get Grillo’s Pickle hard seltzer

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Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

How much do you like pickle? Enough to eat it on a pizza? What about a popsicle?

Well, now even booze brands are getting in on the action, as Grillo’s Pickles have just announced a collaboration with Two Robbers Seltzer Co. to create a brand new hard seltzer flavour.

The craft drink promises to taste exactly like pickle, with a hit of booze for good measure.

The 5.2 percent ABV tipple is made using a healthy 20 gallons of Grillo’s Pickles brine, which is made of dill, garlic, vinegar, and sea salt.

grillos pickle seltzer

The Grillo’s Pickle seltzer is a limited edition drop (Credit: Grillo’s Pickles/ Two Robbers)

“People save our brine to drink and reuse long after they’ve finished their pickles,” said Vice President of Grillo’s Pickles, Eddie Andre.

“I’m excited to bring our signature brine to customers as a ready to drink beverage with a twist.”

“To partner with [Grillo’s] for our first-ever collaboration made perfect sense,” said Two Robbers co-founder, Vikram Nayar, seeing as both brands boast of their lack of artificial flavours or preservatives.

The pickle seltzers won’t be around for long as they’re limited edition, retailing for $11.99 (£9.60) and launching on the 8th June in the US while stocks last.

The drink will be for sale at a variety of independent retailers, like Whole Foods, Wegmans, Weis, Acme and Giant, but nowhere in the UK yet – sorry folks!

Two Robbers shared the news of the seltzer recently, and there were many who were into it.

“I need,” said one person in the comments.

Whilst another wrote: “The pickle girl in me has been activated at my highest level. Thank you pickle gods.”

“!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I AM GONNA BUY SO MANY OF THESE,” said a third.

As a fourth chipped in: “Wut. My two favorite things…how is this possible (sic).”

grillos pickle hard seltzer two robbers

The pickle brine is used to make the seltzer (Credit: Grillo’s Pickles)

Not everyone was as enamoured with the idea, though.

“Oh I love pickle juice but idk how I’d feel about it in this drink here,” one person wrote.

Whilst another chipped in: “Pickle people must be stopped.”

“No way,” said a third.

Listen, you can’t please ’em all, can you?

If you’re from the UK and you’re missing out on the pickle fun then fear not! You can make your own boozy pickle drink so you don’t feel left out.

Want the deets on how to make pickle flavoured vodka? Look no further. You can find it here.