Guinness has launched its own boozy BBQ sauce just in time for summer

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Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

We don’t need to tell you we’re living in a period of Guinness mania, right now.

Sales of the Irish stout rose by 30 percent in the last six months of 2021, and since then the hype has shown no sign of shopping.

People have become so obsessed with the stuff that the folks at Diagio brought out a brand new cold brew coffee.

And that’s not all. They’ve now launched a range of sauces to cook with, too – just in time for summer.

guinness BBQ sauce ketchup

Guinness has launched a sauce range (Credit: Diagio)

The Guinness-based sauces are available exclusively in Tesco stores across the UK, and the range includes a  Guinness Ketchup and a Smoky BBQ sauce.

Both sauces promise to offer a rich, malty flavour to food, making the perfect condiment for beer lovers over barbecue season.

They contain actual Guinness beer in them, too, so if you’re a fan of the tipple then we can pretty much guarantee these will be up your street.


Anyone for a Guinness marinated sausage? (Credit: Alamy)

The brand describes its BBQ sauce as “thick, sweet and smoky”, promising it’ll add “a little oumph” to any meal.

Meanwhile, the ketchup comes with a “Guinness twist,” and is meant to be “tangy and rich”.

Of course, we wouldn’t stop at pouring these sauces on your burgers and sausages, or a vessel to dunk your chips.

These sauces would also make a pretty mean glaze to coat meats in before cooking. Smoky BBQ steak, anyone? And how about Guinness glazed kebabs?


Guinness is having a moment (Credit: Alamy)

Having launched in April, both sauces come in a 200ml bottle, and are selling for a RRP of £2 across 275 Tesco stores.

Whilst you’re in Tesco, make sure you pick up a can of Guinness’ cold brew, too. Expect hints of roast barley to sit alongside the coffee, as well chocolate and caramel notes to balance that delightful bitterness.

Ice cold and packed full of bold flavours, it sounds like one that’ll not only satisfy the Guinness fans but also those who are a little more sceptical, too.

Find your nearest Tesco here.