Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

Homeless teenager blows people away by revealing how he cooks dinner without a kitchen


Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

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A homeless teenager is winning fans online after revealing the ingenious way he cooks his meals.

In a series of clips posted to his popular TikTok account, user @randomhomelessguy2 demonstrates his incredible ingenuity and how to make delicious dishes on a tiny budget.

Plenty of people are praising his approach, as well as taking some of his top tips on board.

homeless @randomhomelsssguy2’s videos highlight how to turn a small budget into something delicious (Credit: TikTok/@randomhomelessguy2)

Homeless teenager’s incredible cooking

@randomhomelessguy2, also known as Zeemer, has shared several videos documenting his unique cooking style.

Typically, the clips focus on store-bought ingredients, purchased on a shoe-string budget and prepared without the use of a conventional kitchen.

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For example, in a video titled, “How I cook as a homeless teenager, Pt 15”, Zeemer combines French bread, a pot of mac ‘n’ cheese, Flamin’ Hot Cheetos and Powerade into a delicious sandwich that wouldn’t look out of place at a street food stall.

The full recipe, along with Zeemer’s unique method is available here:

In order to prepare hot dishes, Zeemer uses external power sockets and a hot plate. He also uses a simple camping saucepan for heating water and other essentials.

Zeemer’s videos don’t just focus on hot food, however. For instance, another clip captioned, “How I cook being a homeless teenager, breakfast edition” includes instructions for combining milk, Frosted Flakes, an apple and a fruit roll-up into a hearty meal for around $5.

Today, Zeemer’s following on TikTok alone sits at 1.7 million followers, all tuning in to check out his incredible food.

Homeless mac 'n' cheese sandwich Zeemer’s videos have earned him nearly 2 million TikTok followers (Credit: TikTok/@randomhomelessguy2)

“Very smart and I hope you will find a home soon” – the fans react

Zeemer’s recipe videos are proving seriously popular. For example, his “…Pt. 15” video alone has over 17.5 million views.

Thousands of fans have been quick to praise the teenager for his innovative approach to cooking. For instance, one commenter called the content creator: “Very smart and I hope you will find a home soon.”

Another added under the clip of the Flamin’ Hot mac ‘n’ cheese sandwich: “Not gonna lie that looks fire.”

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Others have praised Zeemer for managing to make dishes that put their own cooking skills to shame. For instance, one fan recently wrote: “Ur lowkey eating better than me.”

A second agreed, writing: “When you realise u eat better than me… That looks good.”

There are obvious challenges to cooking without the usual amenities. However, as Zeemer highlights, it’s still possible to make some seriously good grub.

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