Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

Iceland launches sprout pigs in blankets in new twist


Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

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Every Christmas, we think we can’t see any more versions of the pig in blanket.

We’ve seen spicy ones, veggie ones, cheesy ones and one’s stuffed in a Yorkshire pudding. How much more piggy goodness can there be?!

Well, Iceland has only gone and replaced the sausage in the humble pig in blanket with another festive staple… and it’s gonna be a crowd divider.

The high-street retailer has only gone and launched sprouts in blankets – or ‘sprouts wrapped in bacon’, as they’re dubbed on the packaging.

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The new product is part of Iceland’s luxury range, and it’s safe to say they’re causing an impression on social media.

After food blog, NewFoodsUK shared the release on its Facebook page, it received a whopping 4,700 comments and 2,700 shares.

As is always the way, not everyone is obsessed with the idea of sprouts on their Christmas plate at all, let alone incorporating them into an additional festive snack.

But for all the naysayers, others seem pretty excited about the new release.

“Yes please, heaven I love both so to have them together yummy,” said one person in reply.

Iceland’s sprout pigs in blankets are in stores now (Credit: Getty)

Whilst another wrote: “If this is REALLY a thing – I’m in.”

“If you don’t like them that’s fine there is more for me,” joked a third.

Looks like there are certainly some takers, then!

The sprouts wrapped in bacon cost £4, and are available in Iceland stores or online now. 

Pigs in blankets are usually served with sausages in the middle (Credit: Getty)

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If these aren’t up your street then stay in Iceland because there’s a whole bloomin’ load of Twisted food to put in your basket, too.

Yup, you’ve probably heard about our Iceland range by now, but we’ve got some new additions for the holiday season, just for you lovely lot.

Joining some of our most successful Twisted products include our new Twisted cheeseburger fries, cheesy cottage pie topped Yorkshire puddings and mini chicken casserole filled Yorkshire puddings.

Don’t say we don’t treat you well!

You can pick any of these up for £4 in your local Iceland now (find your nearest Iceland store here).

Featured image: Getty/ Iceland

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