KFC is launching a 47-piece fashion collection featuring bucket hats and hoodies

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Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

Fancy yourself a KFC fan?

No, we don’t mean someone who is partial to a bargain bucket or a Popcorn Chicken Meal… we mean a genuine, KFC superfan? 

If you’re still nodding, then listen up, because your wardrobe is about to get an upgrade.

‘What does KFC have to do with my wardrobe?’, you might ask. Well, let us explain…

The fried chicken giant is branching into the world of fashion, releasing a 47-piece clothing collection in collaboration with lifestyle brand, Hype.

kfc fashion hype collection

KFC, but make it fashion (Credit: KFC/ Hype)

The collection is going to be a mixture of KFC’s fun, tongue-in-cheek branding and Hype’s bold, eye-catching designs, and it is the perfect uniform for anyone who is a proud advocate of Colonel Sanders and his 11 herbs and spices. 

The range includes everyday essentials like bralettes, joggers, t-shirts, caps and backpacks, so that people can look “festival-ready and feeling finger lickin’ good” wherever they are.

The clothes are said to be inspired by KFC’s history, drawing inspiration from previous menu items and slogans.

There’s even a cap with ‘Bargain Bucket’ written across the front.

What more could a KFC lover ask for?!

kfc fashion collection hype

KFC’s bargain bucket hat (Credit: KFC/ Hype)

Other items include a loungewear set, made with soft-touch fabric and embezzled with the logo ‘It’s Finger Lickin’ Good’.

Meanwhile, you can also buy a KFC Bucket Bag and a KFC Drinks Bag, both designed to fit your food order inside perfectly. Practical and stylish (well, fashion is in the eye of the beholder, right?).

If you want to get your hands on the branded collection, you can head to Hype’s London store, alongside a few select retailers worldwide. More info on where is stocking the clothing is to follow.

The limited range drops on Thursday, 4th August, and we’d recommend being quick – it’s expected to fly off the shelves.

kfc fashion collection hype

The range drops this week (Credit: KFC/ Hype)

This isn’t the first fast food and fashion collab – in fact, brands are making a bit of a habit of it of late.

Just last week, Greggs and Primark teamed up to launch a collection, which even included Gregg’s themed Croc-style shoes.

Meanwhile, McDonald’s has also previously released its own loungewear collection.

As for KFC? They’re no strangers to the fashion world, either. Just a few months ago, the chain also made headlines for releasing an ‘insulated handbag’ that could house its new Twister wrap. You can read more about that here. 

Why stop at burgers and fried chicken, ey? Nowadays, the best way to celebrate a fast food brand is to wear it.