KFC releases a brand new chicken porridge on Singapore breakfast menus

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Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

KFC in Singapore has just announced an exciting new addition to its breakfast menu, and we couldn’t be more jealous.

The Flossy Original Recipe Chicken Porridge is essentially porridge prepared warm and topped with Original Recipe chicken fillet chunks and chicken floss, which is a nutrient dense dried meat which is popular in China.

Chicken floss is typically light and fluffy, and has a texture similar to cotton. It’s regularly enjoyed in congee (Chinese porridge), on rice and in Asian buns.

Check out the new breakfast dish for yourself: 

The fast food giant added the porridge to its menu on July 13th, telling punters that it would be available at all KFC breakfast restaurants in the country, except for Singapore Polytechnic.

Over here in the UK, it might not be common to have meat in porridge, but congee is a hugely popular dish throughout Asia.

In China, it can be enjoyed savoury with several meats, including salted duck and crab. So, it’s not at all surprising that KFC has gone on to make the dish their own, too.

The dish costs $3.95 Singapore Dollars (£2.37), and can only be ordered during breakfast hours.

What’s more, if that doesn’t pique your interest, KFC actually has a bunch more breakfast items available in Singapore, as well.

kfc breakfast menu

KFC has a whole breakfast menu in Singapore (Credit: KFC Singapore)

Other menu items include the Original Recipe Riser & Egg which comes with a soft oat bran bun, freshly scrambled eggs and an Original Recipe chicken fillet, and a Mushroom Original Recipe Twister with sautéed mushrooms, eggs and chunks of Original Recipe fillet.

Plus, whilst the chicken floss porridge is a new addition, savoury porridge with chicken flakes has been an option for some time.

Anyone else wishing chicken for breakfast was so normalised over here?!

You’ll know by now that we love scouring the menus of fast food outlets abroad. From KFC’s breakfast menu to McDonald’s selling literal chunks of parmesan in Italy, it’s fascinating to see which dishes suit different palates around the world.


KFC menus vary around the world (Credit: KFC)

In the past, KFC has also sold a Double Down Dog in the Philippines, which is a hot dog topped with bacon and cheese, and sandwiched in between two chicken fillets.

Plus, KFC Australia once sold possibly the greatest side dish ever – Gravy Mashies (mashed potato, deep fried with a gravy centre).

If you need us, we’ll be patiently waiting for KFC to add all of the above to its menu.