KFC launches new white chocolate Milky Bar sundae

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Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

Autumn may be here, but if you’ve still got a hankering for ice cream then listen up – KFC has just launched two new sundaes, both centred around popular Nestlé chocolate bars.

Yup, the high street chicken chain is bringing us the goods no matter the season, with its brand new Milky Bar and Aero ice creams.

The Milky Bar sundae is made with the fast food giant’s popular soft serve ice cream and topped with super-sweet white chocolate Milky Bar pieces.

Meanwhile, the Aero ice cream is the same, scattered with mini pieces of the bubbly, light milk chocolate.

Sharing the news of the launch online, it’s safe to say that Insta food page, @NewFoodsUK, stirred up a lot of excitement.

“Bit of me,” wrote someone in the comments.

Whilst another said: “Milkybar sundae?? Yes please!”

“Holy shit!!! I’m off to KFC asap!,” penned a third, as a fourth tagged a mate and told them: “This is our kind of sundae!!”

kfc milky bar aero sundae nestle

KFC has launched two new Nestlé sundaes (Credit: KFC)

The sundaes are retailing for £1.49 each – a price so reasonable we’d be tempted to try both of them, tbh.

Before this launch, KFC already had a Milky Bar Krushem (which is their milkshake offering), which sat alongside an Oreo flavoured offering.

Now, the chain has also brought out a chocolate Aero flavour to complete the pack. So, if milkshakes are more your thing than ice creams then you’re in luck.

It’s not just food and drink that Colonel Sanders and co have been innovating recently, as KFC also announced the arrival of a clothing collection just weeks ago.

kfc restaurant

We know where we’re headed this lunchtime (Credit: KFC)

That’s right…the fried chicken giant has branched into the world of fashion, releasing a 47-piece clothing collection in collaboration with lifestyle brand, Hype.

The collection is a mixture of KFC’s fun, tongue-in-cheek branding and Hype’s bold, eye-catching designs, and it is the perfect uniform for anyone who is a proud advocate of the chain’s 11 herbs and spices. 

The range includes everyday essentials like bralettes, joggers, t-shirts, caps and backpacks, so that people can look “festival-ready and feeling finger lickin’ good” wherever they are.

You can read more about that here.