Lotus Biscoff drops chocolate bar filled with speculoos cream in UK

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Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

Lotus Biscoff addicts, assemble. You can now get a chocolate bar stuffed with speculoos cream in the UK, and it sounds like a literal dream.

The Milk Chocolate Biscoff Cream bar has been available overseas for a while, but it’s now available in Co-op, marking the first time it can be bought from a British supermarket.

Yup, as of today (15th August), 500 Co-op stores up and down the UK are selling the chocolate bar, so fans of Biscoff can get their fix.

It might look like a normal chocolate bar at first glance, but the Lotus Biscoff cream bar is so much more.

lotus biscoff chocolate bars

The chocolate bar is filled with speculoos cream (Credit: Lotus Biscoff)

According to the folks over at Biscoff, “the Lotus Biscoff bar features the iconic smooth Lotus Biscoff spread encased within a creamy Belgian milk chocolate shell that is speckled with crunchy Lotus Biscoff biscuit pieces”.

They go on to brand the bar “a flavour combination you simply can’t resist”.

The rather large 180g bars will be selling for a RRP of £2.80, and excitingly, Biscoff have teased that more flavours will be coming soon.

The arrival of these chocolate bars in UK supermarkets is a bit of a revelation, since they were previously only available online, through candy shipping websites.

lotus biscoff

The power of the humble Biscoff biscuit knows no bounds (Credit: Alamy)

Getting hold of one of them previously would set Biscoff lovers back as much as £8 plus shipping – but the fact that people were willing to pay this is testament to how addictive the Biscoff Cream bars actually are.

It was only a matter of months ago that Lotus Biscoff KitKats also launched in Tesco stores. We really are being spoilt with the Biscoff treats at the moment.

In case you aren’t familiar with the oh-so-popular chocolate bar, it’s essentially a classic KitKat Chunky wafer finger, with a delicious layer of Lotus Biscoff spread sandwiched inside.

The bar is then covered in the KitKat milk chocolate we know and love, making a pretty unreal mouthful of cocoa and speculoos goodness.

Biscoff fans were also pretty thrilled about this launch in April (Credit: Nestle)

We don’t need to tell you the fanbase that Lotus Biscoff has over in the UK.

Practically any product with the caramelised biscuit in it flies off the shelves, and over on TikTok, people have even been making their own recipes with the stuff – knocking up everything from Biscoff lasagne to Biscoff hot chocolate Easter eggs (recipe for the latter here).

We think it’s safe to say these Biscoff chocolate cream bars are going to be flying off the Co-op shelves at a rather rapid rate.