Marks and Spencer is selling salt and vinegar mayo

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Marks and Spencer has launched a salt and vinegar mayo and it sounds like the perfect chip accompaniment to us.

Yep, the genius new condiment is new to M&S shelves, and its the perfect tribute to the much loved chippy topping – a true British favourite when it comes to flavour combos.

Claiming to be the ‘world’s first’ salt and vinegar mayo to hit supermarket shelves, M&S say the £1.75 product – available across the UK – isn’t just great for dipping chips in but for anything you like, like ‘nugs, fried chicken or pizza crusts.

We’d also be strong advocates for the addition of a salt and vinegar mayo in a sandwich, or slathered in a burger. The possibilities are endless!

ms marks spencer salt and vinegar mayo mayonnaise

How has nobody thought of this before? (Credit: Marks and Spencer)

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“Oh my god, going to buy immediately,” said one person after clapping eyes on the product on Insta.

Whilst another gushed: “Oh… my god??”

“Well this needs to be tried,” said a third fan of the product.

However, as is the case with both mayo and salt and vinegar crisps, there were others who weren’t so enamoured.

“Your worst nightmare rolled into one,” said one Insta user, tagging a mate.

As another wrote: “Am I the only one who thinks this sounds pretty gross?”

fish and chips

The sauce is a tribute to the chippy flavour (Credit: Alamy)

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Sarah-Jane Large, the product developer for sauces and condiments at M&S, said: “We had a feeling shoppers would love this saucy new launch but we had no idea it would be so divisive.

“It’s the perfect condiment to have in the fridge for your next chippy tea, but I also love it on burgers, hot dogs, salads – everything really!

“It’s the ideal thing to have on hand for all your summer barbecues and picnics.”

Here at Twisted, we think salt and vinegar flavoured mayo is nothing short of genius, and anyone who disagrees is just ensuring there’s more for us!