McDonald’s is cutting the price of multiple menu items to 99p today

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McDonald’s fans, on your marks, get set, GO! The fast food chain has cut the price of its Quarter Pounder – and you can now get it for less than a quid.

You have to get your skates on, as the deal is for today only, and comes as part of Maccies’ weekly Monday offer (which returns after a hiatus).

The burger giants paused the deal temporarily, because it was running an April giveaway, but now it’s back, and the quarter pounder is getting its price slashed.

It’s available from lunchtime today for 99p if you redeem the deal on the McDonald’s app, which can be downloaded for free. 

mcdonalds quarter pounder discount

The Quarter Pounder is available for under a quid today (Credit: McDonald’s)

The Quarter Pounder with Cheese usually costs £3.39, meaning it’s £2.40 cheaper today.

Oh, and if you’re an early-bird, you can buy McDonald’s breakfast for 99p today, as the same deal applies to the beloved McMuffin.

Although, you’ll only have until 11am to do that, so that would mean snagging one on your way to work this morning.

Normally the breakfast favourite costs £2.29, but today’s deal means customers can save £1.30 on their order. Win, win.

The McMuffin is also only 99p – but only until 11am (Credit: McDonald’s)

The chain’s Monday deal has previously seen the likes of Triple Cheeseburgers and yet more breakfast favourites have their prices slashed.

Once you’ve downloaded the app, all you need to do is to visit the deals page, order your burger and then choose between eating in, taking away or the Drive-Thru.

You can only use the deal once in the day, and it expires at midnight.

Talking of McDonald’s, you will have noticed that the chain got rid of seven menu items at the end of April, to make room for some seasonal newbies.

mcdonalds discount today

We know what we fancy for lunch (Credit: McDonald’s)

We waved goodbye to the Big Tasty, which dropped in branches back in March. Plus, we also saw the exit of the Big Tasty with Bacon and the Big Tasty BBQ, the Homestyle Crispy Chicken burger, the Caramel McFlurry, the Creme Egg McFlurry and the Chilli Cheese Bites.

As sad as we were to see these items go, they paved the way for the return of several old faves, including the Grand Big Mac and the Grand Big Mac with Bacon. You can’t say they don’t spoil us.

Read more about what’s on their new menu here.