McDonald’s Canada is selling Big Mac sauce in a cup

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We’re forever getting FOMO of what McDonald’s serves up its customers abroad. 

From McDonald’s Singapore’s Hokkaido Salmon burger to McDonald’s India’s McSpicy Paneer Burger, there are so many menu items that we’re gutted we’ll never get to try here in the UK.

But sometimes the simplest menu additions are the best of them all. Case in point? McDonald’s Canada introducing a Big Mac Special Sauce dipping cup to its menu.

Have you ever heard of a more genius idea?!

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The Big Mac special sauce dip cup is available as a condiment, perfect to dunk fries in (or even your whole burger – who are we to judge?!)

If you’re in Canada, it costs just 30 cents to get your hands on one, which sounds like a no brainer if you ask us.

The new Big Mac special sauce condiment is only available as part of a limited promotion running until March 6th, at select Canada McDonald’s locations. You can find out more details on that here. 

Now, a Big Mac speical dipping sauce in Canada is all well and good, but what about in the UK?

Whilst there is no current plan to bring the promotion over to the UK (sorry folks), what you may not remember is that we have actually seen the same Big Mac dipping sauces over here in the past.

Back in 2020, Maccies offered the very same deal to us, with Big Mac dipping sauces selling for 50p a pop for a limited six week run.

mcdonalds canada big mac special sauce dipping cup

McDonald’s Canada is bringing out Big Mac sauce dipping cups (Credit: McDonald’s)

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McDonald’s previously offered up Big Mac sauce dipping cups in Australia for a short stint, too, so they’re clearly aware it’s a winning formula.

The fast food giant has also distributed bottled versions of the sauce on several occasions over the years, including in Canada, Australia and the US for short periods of time.

McDonald’s Big Mac sauce is dubbed “a creamy, delicious balance of sour, zesty mustard flavour, pickle relish, onion powder, and savoury tastes.”

Basically, the perfect condiment for pretty much any meal, if you ask us.

The sauce launched in 1968 along with the Big Mac, and has been a global favourite ever since.

Petition to bring dipping cups back to McDonald’s ASAP.